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Isuzu Crosswind hits 100,000th-unit production mark in the Philippines!

Isuzu Hilander Crosswind

The ever popular Isuzu Hilander and Crosswind, which have been Isuzu Philippines Corporation’s (IPC) best-selling nameplates for nearly two decades, have now reached their 100,000th-unit production mark. Isuzu Philippines recently held a program highlighting the 100,000th Crosswind to roll off its manufacturing plant at the Laguna Technopark in Binan.

“Today, the 100,000th Isuzu Crosswind comes out of the assembly line. This is a vehicle that holds a special place in Isuzu Philippines Corporation’s history as it proves that vehicle manufacturing in the Philippines is a viable endeavor, and one that meaningfully contributes to national progress by generating employment and government revenue,” Izumina said.

The Hilander was first launched in 1997, around two years after IPC was established. The model was one of the first vehicles assembled by the company at its then-new world-class manufacturing facilities. Shortly after its introduction, the Hilander quickly established itself as a leader in the highly competitive local AUV segment, having 6,145 units assembled in its first year. However, the Asian financial crisis during the time impacted the domestic automotive industry, and so manufacturing and sales of the Hilander dipped in the following two years.

Sales of the model picked up again in 2000, especially after the introduction of new variants like the XTRM. By mid-2001, IPC already created 17,391 Hilanders.

During the same year, IPC followed up the Hilander’s performance with the launch of the new Crosswind. A sleeker, bolder, more modern interpretation of an AUV, the Crosswind served as a fitting model for the new millennium. In its first few months in the market, IPC recorded to have built 5,659 units of Crosswind.

In the following years the Crosswind assumed its role as IPC’s best-selling light commercial vehicle. Sales of the model exploded pushing the company to manufacture 9,126 units by the end of 2003. To keep the Crosswind competitive in the market, IPC periodically freshened up the model and continuously added new variants. Included among these are the XUVi and Sportivo, which the company successfully positioned as alternative choices in the SUV segment. Basic variants like the XS and XL, which are intended for shuttle or commercial services, and the more family-oriented XT, also strengthened the Crosswind’s stature and made the nameplate relevant to many Filipino consumers.

“Isuzu Philippines Corporation is truly humbled by the Filipinos’ overwhelming reception to the Isuzu Hilander and Crosswind. Rest assured that Isuzu will continually offer vehicles that make a difference in people’s lives,” Izumina said.

Source: Isuzu Philippines

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