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Mitsubishi Motors Philippines inaugurates its new Sta. Rosa, Laguna Plant

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines inaugurates its new Sta. Rosa, Laguna Plant

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) has just inaugurated its new manufacturing plant located in a 21-hectare facility which it acquired last year in Greenfield Automotive Park in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The acquisition and transfer to Sta. Rosa, Laguna is part of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s (MMC) “New Stage 2016” Mid-term plan of reinforcing business in the Philippines as a core market following Thailand and Indonesia. This is in preparation for MMC’s further business development in the ASEAN countries.

MMC has recognized MMPC’s continuous strong performance and growth in the country in spite of the increasing market competition. The acquisition and transfer to Sta. Rosa plant is also MMPC’s preparation for further expansion triggered by the fast growing local automotive industry and increasing demand for brand new vehicles brought about by the stable Philippine economy which translates to the increasing per capita income of Filipinos and improving road infrastructures. With the new manufacturing plant MMPC can produce maximum of 50,000 units annually.

For the Sta. Rosa plant, MMPC will also be upgrading its equipment to further improve assembly process and quality to keep it at par with other Mitsubishi Motors assembly plants. One of which is an automated plastic parts paint robot which is the first of its kind in Philippine auto manufacturing process. This automated plastic parts painting will complement the top coat body spray robots for quicker and more consistent painting process. In addition, a sophisticated body measuring machine that provides high degree of consistency will soon be a part of the Sta. Rosa plant facilities. Apart from the new facilities and equipment, MMPC will now adopt the 3C 1B process (3 Coat 1 Baked) in its paint shop which increases the efficiency and environmental friendliness of the vehicle painting process.

With MMPC’s substantial contribution to the automotive industry translating it to the Philippine economy, key government officials will be present to witness the inauguration ceremony. His Excellency President Benigno Aquino III will be gracing this significant event together with Japan ambassador to the Philippines Kazuhide Ishikawa, and other prominent national and local government officials.

“The inauguration of MMPC’s new plant reflects our commitment to continue vehicle manufacturing operations in the Philippines at the same time prepare for further business expansion with the projected rapid increase in vehicle demand in the coming years.”, Mr. Hikosaburo Shibata, MMPC President and CEO said. “With this new and bigger plant we now have more opportunity to study production of new models. However, production of a new model should be supported by a sound auto manufacturing policy from the government that is supposed to strengthen competitiveness of local vehicle and parts manufacturing operations among other Asean production facilities.” he added. As MMPC continues its upbeat performance, the transfer to Sta. Rosa, Laguna is expected to provide a sizeable share in the local auto industry and the Philippine economy. This expansion will generate additional job opportunities and improved revenue not only to the company but as well as to its business affiliates such as dealers and suppliers. To date, MMPC employs more than nine hundred workers.

Last year, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines sold a total of 50,085 vehicles which is a historical sales record and at the same time reflecting 8th consecutive years of growth for the company. MMPC is poised to keep its strong position in the industry with its extensive vehicle line up and wide dealership network. MMPC intends to sell 62,000 units this year and will open up additional 5 new outlets in 2015.

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