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Wooassist announces its launch, aims to provide support for Woocommerce.com users


Philippine-based Wooassist.com announces its launch, aims to provide unparalleled support for merchants and businesses using Woocommerce.com, the world’s leading e-commerce platform. More details after the jump.

By establishing a team of Wordpress experts at a fraction of the cost of normal online shop management services, Wooassist is set to become and invaluable service for Woocommerce users worldwide by allowing them to focus on developing their businesses rather than managing their online sites.

Offering the Wooassist service for as little as $15 an hour — with prices ranging from the “Basic” $119 to the “Enterprise” $595 — the “pay as you need” Woocommerce experts can assist merchants with the maintenance, design, and technical solution development of their online business.

These services include the development of Woocommerce products such as image editing, Plug-in configurations, CSS and design modifications, On-page SEO, analytics, newsletter campaign management, and specialist programming to ensure optimum site speed and performance.

“Not everybody who owns an eCommerce business is a Wordpress expert, or wants to be stuck in their store admin all day, creating products and applying updates. That’s where Wooassist.com comes in,” says Founder and CEO of Wooassist Nicholas Jones, a veteran eCommerce entrepreneur. “Our team can support any business running the popular Woocommerce platform via our expansive suite of services. And with our support merchants can focus on actually managing their business to ensure it reaches its true potential,” he adds.

By providing a service with Wordpress and online store support professionals — all of which have had multiple years of customer support experience — merchants gain an unparalleled business strategy perspective, with new websites in particular benefiting as they require specific solutions and more than just a standard themes and adequate plug-ins to develop their business.

“Our services cater to all business shapes and sizes, whether they are established eCommerce merchants that want to make the user experience easier and more fluid to promote sales, or a new venture looking to get their brand exposed to potential customers,” Jones says. “All of these solutions need a team that not only understands the templates, SEO, and software language, but also the culture of the customer and their brand’s mission,” he adds.

Cultural management differences, Jones explains, can be a barrier when western companies and entrepreneurs look towards overseas consultants for business optimization.

“Many eCommerce businesses in the western sphere that have considered outsourcing have had either minimal or no results due to failure of accurate communication, which is a key component of any service,” he says. “At Wooassist we have placed a large emphasis on this type of communication, and on being able to understand western business’ cultural needs as part of our unique service model,” he adds.

This unique model looks to both facilitate optimization and capitalize on the exponential growth that Woocommerce.com — now the world’s leading eCommerce platform — is experiencing globally. According to web analysis tool BuiltWith.com, 17.77% of all eCommerce businesses on the Internet utilize Woocommerce templates, far above second place Magento (9.94%).

“Through my own experience in the eCommerce sphere, Woocommerce is by far the best platform on the market. And the current number of its users is increasing by 121,801 sites this quarter alone. However, most of these sites tend to be smaller and new businesses,” Jones says.

As a platform covers all the bases, Woocommerce is infinitely customizable while being user-friendly and easy to modify in order to meet the merchant’s needs. BuiltWith.com’s stats, however, suggest that many smaller businesses that use Woocommerce do not have the in-house developer staff and may be resistant to spending over $200 per hour on a traditional design and development consultancy company.

With this in mind, Jones and the expert team at Wooassist look to provide a full suite of development and design services that will put the company at the forefront of the eCommerce support sphere.

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