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Honda Philippines receives over 100 reservations for the All New 2015 Odyssey!

All New 2015 Honda Odyssey
Special introductory price and free Modulo accessories until March 31 only!

With just over a week since launched, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), received over 100 All New Odyssey reservations which retails at an introductory price of Php2,298,000 and comes with free Modulo accessories until March 31 only.

The All New Odyssey is Honda’s offering for customers looking for a seven-seater luxury minivan that showcases the perfect balance of utility and passenger car values.  The All New Odyssey’s utility characteristics suggest spacious cabin and flexible seating; while passenger vehicle characteristics evoke driving performance and fuel efficiency.

To achieve this, HCPI equipped the All New Odyssey with features that has never been offered in any of the Honda vehicles locally available:

  • Captain Cradle Seats which are especially designed for the second row passengers features different seat structures to provide ultimate comfort. The cradle structure simultaneously raises the seat cushion to the optimal angle when the passenger reclines the seatback. The bendable seatback structure enables the passenger to adjust the angle of the upper half of the seatback independently. And lastly, an ottoman is added for leg support and a more relaxing posture. These seats can be moved backwards by 740mm to exude a limousine-like space or sideways to create a private space for each occupant.
  • Multi-view Camera System supports safe driving by significantly improving visibility around the vehicle through images generated from four wide angle cameras located on the front grille, right and left door mirrors and the tailgate. Synthesized images are shown on the touch screen display audio with navigation. Different images can be displayed depending on the situation such as driving through an intersection with poor visibility, parking the car or driving through a narrow street.
  • Smart Parking Assist System helps the driver to park with automatic steering input using the Electric Power Steering (EPS) motor. This is based on automatic detection of the parking space by analyzing the images framed by the Multi-view Camera System. The system supports backing into the parking space and parallel parking even in a tight spot where multiple steering operations are required. 
  • Rear Entertainment System is a 9-inch LCD monitor which can convert the rear cabin into a private entertainment space. Back seat passengers can enjoy watching DVD and other multimedia contents via the HDMI external video input.
  • Earth Dreams Technology is a next generation set of technological advancements that enhances the engine to greatly improve both fuel efficiency and driving performance. The All New Odyssey is the first Honda model available in the Philippines that is developed with Earth Dreams Technology 2.4-liter, DOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine and Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT with 7-speed paddle shifter).

No other than HCPI’s President and General Manager, Toshio Kuwahara unveiled and spoke with optimism about the All New Odyssey in a press conference last March 3. “We are overwhelmed to hear about the very positive response from our customers especially in this category. We are working closely with our dealerships to be able to supply the orders we have taken over the week. We plan to continue to introduce new products that suit the demands and needs of the Filipino customers”, said Kuwahara in a press statement.

The All New Odyssey is readily available in 3 sophisticated colors:

  • Premium Twinkle Black Pearl (additional P20,000 is waived until March 31)
  • White Orchid Pearl (plus P20,000)
  • Modern Steel Metallic

Other colors are available by order:

  • Glamorous Mauve Pearl
  • Super Platinum Metallic
  • Carnelian Red Pearl
  • Crystal Black Pearl

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