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Philippine Airlines sets paperless entry at NAIA Terminal 2

Philippine Airlines sets paperless entry at NAIA Terminal 2

Philippine Airlines, in collaboration with the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), is set to break new ground when it introduces next week a novel system at its main Manila airport hub that dispenses with paper documents and instead relies on a digital image of the ticket for passengers entering the terminal.

This image should match the one sent by PAL to the passenger’s device when the ticket was purchased.

Other forms of travel documents, including paper ones, will still be accepted during the initial phase of the project. These include the traditional paper ticket, the printed itinerary receipt, and the printed e-boarding pass for passengers opting for web check-in.

During the initial phase of implementation, PAL representatives will be temporarily posted at the NAIA Terminal 2 entrance to assist passengers and security personnel in applying the new scheme.

This initiative by the flag carrier is in line with the mandate of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for its member airlines to eliminate paper documents and move to a completely paperless environment by 2016.

Passengers are reminded to bring their necessary travel documents such as valid identification cards with photograph and passports for security and check-in requirement.

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