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PLDT HOME introduces the most advanced Telpad for your connected home


PLDT HOME Telpad, the world’s first and only landline, tablet and broadband in one, recently launched its latest and most high-technology unit to date. The all new Telpad is the most advanced centerpiece of the digitally connected Filipino home which is designed to level up the way families connect and manage the home.

“Ever since we launched the PLDT HOME Telpad, we’ve sought to raise the bar when it comes to communicating and creating meaningful connections at home,” Ariel P. Fermin, PLDT executive vice president and head of home business, said. “We continue to embrace the digital age, and with it, its benefits for managing the home. The new PLDT HOME Telpad is testament to that, as it addresses the changing needs of the digitally connected Filipino family.”

High-tech home management
Forgot to turn the air conditioner off? Want to turn down the volume on the television?

Now, you can use the PLDT HOME Telpad to do that, and more, remotely. The all new Telpad has an intelligent technology feature that enables it to be used to control home appliances thru WiFi and Infrared. It is also ideal for controlling PLDT HOME’s recently launched home monitoring system, the FAM CAM. And, in addition to landline and home’s most powerful broadband PLDT HOME Fibr, it can connect the family through a built-in Wi-Fi repeater and router.

Music lovers in the family will also enjoy listening to their favorite hits with the all new Telpad’s high-fidelity speakers that provide distinctly better audio quality output. Connect to the dock via Bluetooth and play songs from your smartphone or laptop.

“The all new PLDT HOME Telpad is the most advanced centerpiece of the digitally connected home,” Gary Dujali, PLDT Vice President and Home Marketing head, said. “It is the ideal platform for enjoying PLDT HOME’s suite of multimedia services, and for efficiently managing the way families connect, share and enjoy at home.”

This newest and most advanced PLDT HOME Telpad is available on high-speed PLDT HOME DSL plans 2099 and up, and all PLDT HOME Fibr plans.


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