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Armin van Buuren and Philips A5-PRO nominated for 2015 International Dance Music Awards

Philips A5-PRO
Grammy-nominated DJ’s choice of headphones up for battle in Best Headphones category

Grammy-nominee and five-time World Best DJ Armin van Buuren has been nominated seven times in six categories for the upcoming International Dance Music Awards show. Included in his nominations is the Philips A5-PRO which is up for the Best Headphones category.

The A5-PRO, which he created in collaboration with Philips, brings together Armin’s industry insights and extensive experience as a world-class DJ with Philips technical expertise and heritage in audio innovation. Specially designed by Armin to meet his needs as a globe-trotting DJ, the Philips A5-PRO is an essential tool for professional DJs.

The headphones combine superior robust aluminum close-backed fit with ultimate source accuracy and clarity for professional audio monitoring and mixing on the road. Additionally, it also offers unparalleled sound isolation which is ideal when performing to large crowds.

“After my passport the first thing I take on the road with me is my headphones”, says Armin van Buuren. “Through my headphones I control everything. It needs to be a good piece of equipment because you’re using it the whole night of your DJ set.

“Philips believed in my idea for the A5-PRO and I believed in the idea Philips had”, adds Armin. “I wanted to develop headphones that have easily replaceable parts and that you can stylize: comfortable, with great sound, and durable.”

Tim Homewood, Creative Director of Philips, comments: “This collaboration is about using Armin’s experience to create an essential tool for the needs of professional DJs. It’s so much more than a simple endorsement – we created this headphone together from scratch.”

The Philips A5-PRO has replaceable bayonet mount cushions (available in three sizes) that ensure total comfort. The foldable anodized aluminum is also easy to customize for optimum sound isolation. Just twist and click much like you would a camera lens to change.

The Philips A5-PRO headphones’ 50mm high-definition neodymium drivers offer high quality low-frequency sounds and are engineered for 3500mW high power handling. Source reproduction and sound clarity is second to none, enabling expert listeners to really listen and feel the sound.

The A5-PRO is the latest product in a range of tools for professional and aspiring DJs released as part of the ongoing collaboration between the two Dutch giants. In 2013, Armin revealed the Philips M1X-DJ sound system which allows anyone to mix, play and share music in one multifunctional device.

Philips A5-PRO key features

  • 50mm high-definition neodymium drivers
  • 3500mW max high power handling
  • Acoustic close back architecture
  • Dual sided locking cable inputs
  • Come with replaceable cushions 93mm soft isolating ear-cushions
  • Also available: replaceable 80mm on-ear cushions for on the go*
  • Also available: replaceable 110mm over the ear studio cushion*
  • 90 degree swivel ear-shell
  • Ultra compact folding design 
  • Genuine leather headband, with soft inner cushion
  • Detachable coil cable
  • Detailed tech and acoustic specs

*Available for purchase separately

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