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Huawei P8max Smartphone Unveiled

Huawei P8max

Alongside the P8 that was introduced initially, Huawei also unveiled its bigger sibling called the Huawei P8max. The Huawei P8max builds on the beauty of the P8 design and features a larger 6.8-inch screen, longer battery life and a unique camera with light tracing capabilities for any environment. It also inherits the elegant ID design and extraordinary light painting capabilities of the P series smartphones.

The Huawei P8max uses a 6.8-inch high definition JDI screen that is the largest in-cell FHD screen in the world. The smartphone’s patented seven-layer heat conduction structure and DX19 high thermal conductivity material provide heat distribution in a super slim design that’s cooler, nicer to the touch and easier to carry.

The Huawei P8max introduces a new philosophy for camera design, optimized for low light and high contrast. It leverages a combination of hardware, software and proprietary algorithms to help users capture beautiful photographs, even in the worst lighting conditions.

Huawei P8max Specs
6.8-inch JDI Full HD (1920x0180 display
324ppi with Gorilla Glass 4
13MP rear and 5MP front camera
DSLR-level Independent Imaging Signal Processor (IISP)
Huawei Signal+ / Huawei Roaming+
3G/HSPA+ / 4G/LTE Connectivity
WiFi / Bluetooth / GPS w/ aGPS
Li-Po 4,360mAh battery
6.8mm thin

Price and Availability
There are two versions of the Huawei P8max; the standard device for €549 and the premium version for €649. The P8 and P8max will be available next month and Philippines is included in the list of countries to receive it first.

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