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KINGMAX Sycret Cloud and Sycret Text: The world’s first hardware secure encryption for mobile phone messages and cloud files

KINGMAX Sycret Cloud

Today KINGMAX and GO-Trust announced a multi-national distribution agreement for two unique Mobile phone security applications developed by GO-Trust. Sycret Cloud allows Android smart phone users to select and encrypt any photo, video, or file on their phone  and store it in the memory of the Sycret Cloud card or in Dropbox & Google Drive.

In addition to the features of Sycret Cloud, Sycret Text also allows Android smart phone users to exchange encrypted SMS text messages with other Sycret Text users. Sycret Cloud and Sycret Text each consist of two components; the Sycret card (with an embedded 32 bit encryption engine and 4, 8 or 16 MB of user flash memory) and the Sycret APP (an Android APP downloadable from the Google Play Store).

">KINGMAX Sycret Text

The security applications are unique because they both use encryption hardware, not software, to protect the encryption activity and key storage. Also the encryption hardware Sycret card, the protected keys and the encrypted files can be transferred from one smart phone to another simply by moving the Sycret card. There is no need to decrypt, save and re-encrypt files to move them to a new phone when you upgrade.

Sycret Cloud and Sycret Text have multiple language options and are immediately available. Both are sold for a onetime charge that includes the Sycret card and APP license. The cost is compatible with what a USB smart card dongle would cost, but it is much less intrusive and includes the storage user memory.

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