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Tap & Go at McDonald’s with MasterCard PayPass

McDonald’s with MasterCard PayPass

Tapping your MasterCard PayPass is now all it takes to pay for your favorite meal at the largest quick service restaurant chain in the world, McDonald’s.

MasterCard PayPass is a fast, safe and smart way a payment technology from the world’s leader in contactless payment solutions. No more fumbling for cash, waiting to enter a PIN, signing a receipt or handing a card over to a clerk. Shoppers simply need to tap their MasterCard PayPass-enabled card or device on a PayPass-enabled reader or terminal.

McDonald’s recently announced its acceptance of MasterCard PayPass in the Philippines at McDonald’s Greenhills. To show how fast and convenient it is to order at McDonald’s with MasterCard PayPass, MasterCard invited none other than Philippine Azkals football players Phil Younghusband, James Younghusband, Simon Greatwich and Chris Greatwich, as well as TV host Ginger Conejero.

It was not the footballers’ first time to try using MasterCard PayPass. “We’ve used MasterCard PayPass a lot while going around London, especially when riding the Tube,” shared Phil Younghusband. Simon Greatwich, on the other hand, talked about MasterCard PayPass being their great companion for hanging out in Australia.

This comes as no surprise, as MasterCard or Maestro PayPass cards or devices are accepted at over 2.8 million merchant locations in 67 countries around the world.

PayPass can be enabled not just on MasterCard credit, debit, and prepaid cards, but also on devices such as fobs, phones, tablets and mobile tags. These are embedded with a computer chip and antenna that securely communicate with the merchant’s payment terminal. When the cardholder taps the terminal, payment details are transmitted directly to the contactless terminals and processed just like in ordinary payment card transactions.

With the speed and convenience it brings, MasterCard Paypass is a perfect addition to the McDonald’s experience.

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