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Changing phones? Copy contacts for free at Smart Stores

Smart Switch Unit

If you’re a Smart subscriber, you can copy contacts to your new phone quickly, conveniently, and free of charge with Smart Switch, a special service provided exclusively in Smart Stores. It doesn’t matter if your old and new phones come from different manufacturers, or if you’re upgrading from a feature phone to a smartphone. The Smart Switch machine will still be able to copy your contact list.

How long does the whole process take? Let’s say you have 1,000 contacts. It will take only 3 to 5 minutes to copy all these to your new device. In contrast, it can take hours to manually copy all your contacts.

Furthermore, you can copy your photos, videos, text messages, and calendar entries.

“Some people manually copy their contacts to their new phone and end up failing to save some contacts or saving the wrong number. Now they can avoid having to ask the embarrassing ‘Hu u?’ question when an unsaved number texts them,” said Smart vice president and retail group head Maloo Agoncillo.

She added that while there are several shops that offer these kinds of services, only Smart Switch offers it for free and with an assurance of security.

“You wouldn’t need to worry about strangers having access to your precious contacts, photos, videos, and messages. The machine we use will not save your files; it won’t even be able to open them. It will only serve as a gateway from one phone to the other,” Agoncillo said.

“Now you don’t have to spend time, money, and energy in transferring contacts. You can go straight to enjoying your new Smart-powered device. This convenient service exclusively provided by Smart is just one of the ways by which we enable our customers to ‘Live More,” she added.

Smart Switch is currently available in Smart Stores in Metro Manila and Southern Luzon. It will soon be rolled out in other Smart Stores all over the country.

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