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Let’s Celebrate #JuanVibe!

Viber celebrates its 21-million-strong users in the Philippines through a campaign
that champions what Filipinos value the most

Viber, the Philippines’ leading messaging app, celebrates its 21 million Filipino users as it continues to lead the chat app category in the country.

With Viber’s free chat and calls, connecting with our loved ones has become an integral part of everyday Filipino life. We’ve made Viber our own through our real connections with the people that matter to us—our family and barkadas. Dubbed as #JuanVibe, Viber officially launches its latest campaign, celebrating how Filipinos value family, friendship, and cultural values.

“We at Viber are really excited about #JuanVibe as it’s all about how we treasure our relationships with family & friends in the most Filipino way. The new campaign shows how Viber is part of daily Pinoy life and how we share this experience with them, whether on mobile or via Viber Desktop,” said Crystal Lee, Viber Country Manager for the Philippines. “It’s a call for everyone to bond and celebrate the most important things that make us Pinoy!”

With the success of last year’s “#OneVibePH”, where Viber celebrated its then 18 million users as “One Nation. One Pride.” through a massive music fest, it has reinvented national pride with a deeper focus on Filipino values and culture through #JuanVibe.

To launch this nationwide movement, all Viber users are invited to join the #JuanVibe social media campaign by tweeting their uniquely Pinoy moments to @ViberPH with the hashtag #JuanVibe. Amazing surprises are in store for the participants and stay tuned for announcements on the “#JuanVibe: Gimik Ng Bayan” event series coming soon.

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