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​Bureau of Customs ups productivity with Google Apps thru IPC

BOC goes Google
IPC and Customs partnership to step up internal info dissemination

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) recently launched its implementation of Google Apps for Work via local cloud computing and data center services firm IPC (IP Converge Data Services, Inc.), with the goal of improving the bureau’s internal collaboration and information dissemination.

Specifically, Google Sites will be used to create an internal website for updates and new information accessible only to authorized personnel. Customs can also take advantage of features such as Google Drive to store documents that need to be accessed by employees easily anytime and on any device, such as memos and announcements. The licenses were provided through IPC and are distributed to the roughly 4,000 staff of the Bureau of Customs.

According to Che Lazaro, IPC Director of Sales - Google for Work, “Google Apps for Work allows real-time collaboration, enabling multiple users to work on a single document at the same time. This will eliminate multiple versions of one document, improve tracking and accountability, as well as cutting down time in finalizing reports.”

Improved Remote Access
Angelica Sarmiento, Officer in Charge of the BOC-Management Information Systems and Technology Group  said, “The upgrade to Google Apps for Work is part of the digitization thrust of the Bureau. The move will also make it possible for all employees of Customs to have more secure and reliable email communication when using the bureau’s official business email platform.”

Sarmiento shared that Customs employees are very mobile as they can be assigned to any of the 50 ports in the Philippines. “The upgraded messaging platform will allow them to access business emails from any device anywhere,” she said.

Centralized Access
The transition to Google Apps for Work will also include creating a singular, centralized repository of all official memos and announcements accessible online.

“The new apps allows real-time collaboration on Google Drive. Chat and video calls done through Google Hangouts enhance this feature. This way, everyone can work together over the same document and see the same information. This eliminates second-guessing and promotes faster response,” explained Sarmiento.

Value to citizens
Sarmiento added that Google Apps for Work also has 99.9% availability and is a secure messaging and collaboration platform.

“These upgrades give the Customs employees a more reliable and secure platform that closely meet global standards. The improved information sharing and communication capabilities will result to more efficient services to the public,” Sarmiento said.

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