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Knight Luxe and UP HD top Starmobile Android sales

Starmobile Knight Luxe
Starmobile Knight Luxe: The company’s slimmest and most elegant smartphone ever!

At a time when overly-aggressive pricing has become the norm in the cutthroat telecoms industry, local brand Starmobile reveals that the P7,690 Knight Luxe and the P4,990 UP HD, have officially become the company’s most popular devices.

According to Starmobile Product Development Head Michael Chen, the Knight Luxe and UP HD comprise more than a third of Starmobile’s Android smartphone sales from mid-May to mid-June 2015.

“There has been unprecedented demand for both the Knight Luxe and the UP HD–we clearly hit sweet spots with these two products,” said Chen.

Based on recent data from market research firm GfK, Pinoy brands typically sell smartphones that cost less than P3,000. These are entry-level phones with small screens (3.5 to 4 inches), basic processors (dual or single core), and low-end cameras (5MP below).

The Starmobile Knight Luxe is a 5-inch Octa Core phone with an AMOLED screen and is the first locally-branded phone in South Asia (Southeast Asia, India, Australia/NZ) to be equipped with a 13MP Samsung ISOCELL camera sensor.

Meanwhile, the Starmobile UP HD is a 4.7-inch Quad Core phone with an HD screen, and an 8MP BSI (Backside Illuminated) Camera.

Starmobile Up HD
Starmobile Up HD: A 4.7-inch Quad Core phone with an HD screen and an 8MP BSI Camera

Both units come with a free phone case and two screen protectors for a complete out-of-the-box experience.

“What this means is that Filipinos who are looking for better, more value-laden options are turning to Starmobile,” said Chen. “They have higher demands and expectations and we have become their brand of choice,” he added.

No stranger to pushing the boundaries of innovation, Starmobile has long offered affordable high-quality phones with features comparable to those found in international brands. Earlier this month it launched the country’s first line of Digital TV phones–the Starmobile UP Vision, Knight Vision, and UP Max.

“Our experience proves that Filipinos are ready for the next level of mobility. Price is no longer the only major deciding factor and Starmobile is ready to compete in this new and more challenging era,” Chen ended.

Source: Starmobile

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