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More Filipinos prefers buying car online

More Filipinos prefers buying car online

Filipino buying trends and attitudes are rapidly changing and there is no difference when it comes to cars. Gone are the days of nitpicking every part of the item just to ensure that the product promised is worth every centavo that comes out of the buyer’s pocket. Thanks to technology innovations, consumers can now lounge and purchase products right from the comfort of their sofas. The online shopping experience also comes with safety nets such as product exchange for defective items, money back guarantees for products that does not meet standards.

Carmudi Philippinesrecently conducted a survey on the ever evolving buying trends in the country to find out the willingness of Filipinos to purchase a pre-owned car online. Results show that 40-percent of the respondents are willing to make an auto purchase online, 38 percent are against buying cars online followed by 22-percent who are not quite sure of whether they should purchase a pre-owned vehicle online.

The survey results also show that given the opportunity to purchase through online portals, buyers have a higher chance of purchasing a vehicle if several conditions are met. For instance, if the portal had a comprehensive collection of vehicle pictures and descriptions, 89-percent agreed that would affect them positively. If the portal would indicate a one year guarantee or better yet a 14-day refund, on both occasion 91-percent of the respondents said they would definitely buy online. Eighty two percent also said that they would definitely purchase a car online if a readily available car expert would advise them on their purchase.

Through the survey, Carmudi discovered how many Filipinos would still prefer the more traditional, offline method of purchasing a vehicle. Around 59-percent said they would prefer to physically see a car where they are able to touch, sit in the vehicle and test drive before making a purchase.

Eighty-five percent of respondents also stated that having a certified consultant doing all the necessary paperwork would drive them purchase a car online as they find this kind of service efficient, reliable and hassle-free.

Subir Lohani, managing director of Carmudi Philippines, said, “The Philippines has a history of mobile phone usage with mobile penetration at 111-percent and having the title of the texting capital of the world. Combining all this young with a young and internet savvy population it is a natural progression for people to go online for their needs due to convenience, product variety and everybody’ busy schedules.”

“Our goal is to be the one-stop vehicle platform for every Filipino nationwide—whether it be for their new car, motorcycle, or commercial vehicles as well,” explained Lohani.

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