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PSBank launches no annual fee PSBank Credit MasterCard

PSBank Credit MasterCard

Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank), in collaboration with Metrobank Card Corporation, expands its cards portfolio with the launch of PSBank Credit MasterCard, to provide Filipinos a valuable and affordable financial tool that will help take care of their simple needs and manage expenses.

“We are pleased to partner with MCC to launch the PSBank Credit MasterCard with a lifetime waived annual fee. This completes our suite of card products that complement our clients’ various lifestyles – from debit, prepaid, and now a no annual fee credit card.  The PSBank Credit MasterCard does not only give consumers more convenient options to pay for purchases without shelling out cash, it also allows them to enjoy a range of privileges,” said PSBank President Vicente R. Cuna, Jr.

Aside from the perpetually waived annual fee, the new PSBank Credit MasterCard allows cardholders to use it in over 23 million MasterCard-merchant outlets worldwide. They can enjoy year-round promotions offering discounts and treats when using the card at partner merchants and avail of installment plans. These benefits can be extended to a maximum of four supplementary cardholders.

It is also equipped with the Europay-MasterCard-Visa (EMV) technology, an internationally accepted protection system against fraud. Cards with an EMV-chip contain a microprocessor that prevents identity theft or credit card fraud.

Cardholders can also pay electricity and utility bills through the Bills2Pay Auto Charge Program, improve cash flow through the Balance Transfer facility, and use the Cash Advance service to withdraw a certain amount from their credit limit through PSBank and MasterCard-affiliated ATMs, here and abroad. They can also receive their monthly statements online and monitor their credit limit or account balance through an SMS-based service called ‘M TXT.

The PSBank Credit MasterCard and the product features of Metrobank Card Corporation (a finance company) are not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) and are not guaranteed by Philippine Savings Bank. The PSBank Credit MasterCard is a cross selling arrangement between Philippine Savings Bank and Metrobank Card Corporation.

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