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The Most Popular Ads in the Philippines (Jan-June 2015)

The Most Popular Ads in the Philippines

Google released its YouTube Ads leaderboard for the first half of 2015 for the Philippines. This list represents the 10 ads on YouTube that resonated most with audiences across the country over the past twelve months. This Leaderboard celebrates the brands that performed best in the Philippines based on ads that Pinoys chose to watch.

Here are the key trends:

  • Local Creativity: Seven out of ten of the ads leaderboard have a distinctly Filipino flavor. This is proof that the industry is getting better at telling brand stories that consumers want to know about.
  • Think like a filmmaker, not an ad maker: Nestle’s tale of motherhood down the generations plucks the heartstrings — it’s still an ad, but it keeps things more about the story than the product. Palmolive’s ad goes in another direction using a string of local celebrities and mimics both the popular beauty tutorial phenomenon and of course is a music video in its own right.
  • Seizing the moment: Nestle, Closeup and Globe chose to make their message relevant by linking their ads to a national celebration — Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. 
  • Global brands, global stories: Clash of Clans and Hyundai’s ads show that Filipinos will watch ads from global brands if the story is told in a compelling way — Clash of Clans uses a famous face (Liam Neeson) while Hyundai captures our interest with an awe-inspiring message from a daughter to her a Dad who is working a long way from home (in her case, in space) — a similar position to those Filipinos who have a parent working overseas.
  • Made-for-digital: The leaderboard is largely populated by ads that were born digital, with formats created specifically with YouTube’s audience in mind. Seven out of ten ads are well beyond the length of the standard 30 second TV slot.

New insight into YouTube usage in the Philippines:
Google has also released three new statistics about how Pinoys use YouTube.

  • Filipinos love watching online video on YouTube. Overall YouTube watchtime has grown 60% since last year — showing Filipinos’ appetite for video continues to grow at an amazing pace.
  • Filipinos love watching YouTube on their phones. 40% of watchtime comes from mobile. Far from limiting creativity and viewing time, mobile’s small screen unlocks a world of engagement and interaction for video viewers in the Philippines.
  • Filipinos love making and sharing videos. The number of hours of content uploaded has grown by 20% since last year.

It’s a great time for Filipino brands to think about how they can reach an engaged audience on YouTube.

Here is the full leaderboard:

  1. Nestle - Mother’s Day | NIDO FORTIGROW (Local | 2:34)
  2. Closeup - Nadine Lustre dared to surprise James Reid for Closeup #CupidGames (Local | 4:03)
  3. Clash of Clans - Revenge - Official Super Bowl TV Commercial (Global | 1:00)
  4. McDonalds - Brilliant machine delivers hot meal… and more! (Local | 0:36)
  5. Ariel - Finally Ariel (Local | 0:30)
  6. Samsung - Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge - Official Introduction (Global | 2:24)
  7. Hyundai - A Message to Space (Global | 4:03)
  8. PLDT Home - PLDT HOME DSL FAM CAM – Prayer (Local | 0:47)
  9. Globe - #ShareYourVibe and Make Everyday V-Day! (Local | 2:02)
  10. Palmolive - Palmolive Hair Bounce Dance Tutorial from Julia, Janella and Liza (Local | 1:23)

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