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The top five reasons to get HOOQ'd


#1: The largest catalog of movies and TV entertainment of any service
At HOOQ, we believe that there's a movie or TV series for everyone. The magic of the movies is that we are so willing to suspend reality for even just a moment, unfolding a story right before our eyes. There's no hard and fast rule about what kind of movie lover you want to be — sometimes you crave action, sometimes you enjoy a lighthearted comedy, or perhaps a thoughtful drama.

That's why HOOQ is focused on creating the largest selection of movies and TV for you:

  • Over 30,000 hours of content for your viewing pleasure
  • 2.5 times the content of our nearest competitor
  • Over 1,200 Hollywood movies, 2.5 times our nearest competitor
  • Almost 10,000 Asian titles of regional content
  • The only platform that offers a wide selection of Pinoy content from the country's biggest TV networks and film studios

#2: The best stories with amazing titles found on HOOQ
At HOOQ, we know the biggest is not the best unless you know how to use it. We have a carefully curated catalog of film award-winners — from the timeless tales like "Lawrence of Arabia," "Funny Girl" and "Good Fellas," to modern classics such as "Tootsie," "Evita" and "The Social Network," and certified blockbuster hits like "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2," "SpiderMan," "IronMan," "Captain America," and "Thor." HOOQ is constantly working with our partner studios — Warner Bros., Dreamworks Classic Media, Disney, Miramax, Captive Media and Sony Pictures — to bring the latest stories from the big screen right to your fingertips, so there's always reason to come back for more.

HOOQ also contains an impressive array of Hollywood and local television content from our various studio partners to satisfy the binge-watching couch potato in you! Some of the selections include TV staples like "Friends," "ER," "Lost," "Smallville," and "Grey's Anatomy." HOOQ also keeps up-to-date and will soon add in top-rated shows, such as "Scandal," "Nashville" and "Mad Men."

At HOOQ, we know there's always a story to tell so we're always on the lookout to bring our growing HOOQst'rs the best that Hollywood and our favorite local studios can offer.

#3: The largest and best catalog of premium Pinoy content
Some of the best stories told are those that hit close to home. That's why HOOQ is committed to provide our subscribers with an astounding selection of Pinoy content from various local studios: ABS-CBN, GMA, Star Cinema, Regal Entertainment and Viva Films. Our library contains Pinoy box office hits like "One More Chance," "Ang Tanging Ina," "Bituing Walang Ningning," and Metro Manila Film Festival veterans "Shake, Rattle, and Roll" and the "Mono Po" series. HOOQ also showcases the best of independent cinema by featuring critically-acclaimed titles like "Metro Manila," and the certified hit, "English Only Please." But we also made sure to stock up on TV primetime classics and current favorites such as "'mortal," "Tayong Dalawa," "Magkaribal," "Mulawin," "My Husband's Lover" and " Half Sisters."

Thinking about it, Pinoys just love to catch a movie with their barkada or family, or perhaps watch the latest telenovela while having their lunch or dinner. But we also acknowledge (and salute!) the ones who have more important stuff to focus on than catching their show on TV or waiting in line outside the cinema. With this in mind, HOOQ has made navigating between Hollywood and Pinoy content incredibly easy and accessible for anyone from anywhere.

#4: Unlimited access on all your devices all the time
You can access HOOQ in two ways:

  1. Via app through your mobile or tablet. HOOQ can be found on the App Store (for iOS users) and Google Play Store (for Android users).
  2. Via browser (http://hooq.tv) through PC or Mac OS. PC users can browse through the website through Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox while Mac users can browse using Safari or Firefox. Take note that Chrome users need to install Microsoft Silverlight (for free) before being able to access the website and play content.

With HOOQ, you can enjoy unlimited entertainment on up to five (5) devices with a single account, and two devices can stream simultaneously! That means no more bargaining for the remote — now mom and dad can catch up on their dramas and the kids can watch their superhero movies at the same time! H000 works with both wireless internet and mobile data networks at impressive speeds and qualities. You can adjust the quality of your content in order to control the bandwidth consumption. We're also working on the subtitles which you can toggle via the settings.

Plus: HOOQ is the only premium video service gives you the option to download up to five (5) titles for offline streaming, which you can easily remove at any point to make room for more. This is perfect for users who want to keep a set of titles readily accessible for when wi-fi networks might be unavailable, they don't want to incur additional data costs, or simply because you love watching Harry Potter over and over again. Keep note that this is also handy for parents, who can store some of their kids' fave titles in their mobile devices.

#5: Amazing value: all for 199 pesos per month
HOOQ offers amazing value for your peso with our monthly subscription packages. For as low as Php199, you have access to the largest selection of content among all similar services, with the option of streaming over wi-fi as well as downloading content for offline use. There's no need to resort to illegal torrents and piracy ¬why wait that long when you can stream it right away? Plus, with a single account, everyone in your family has access to HOOQ so there's no need to haggle over control of the remote.

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