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Tokyoflash Japan Unveils Kisai Katana One Hand Watch

Kisai Katana One Hand Watch

Tokyoflash Japan has just released a new analog watch design called Kisai Katana. Minimal in design, Kisai Katana is an analog watch with classic style. The time is shown with just one hand designed in the shape of a Japanese katana sword, a unique feature that will impress anyone who asks you for the time!

Kisai Katana is super easy to read when you know how. Just follow the single katana hand. Hours are shown by the large markers as on a regular clock with minute markers between each hour.

A katana is a long, single-edged sword used by Japanese samurai. The custom designed katana hand features unique styling in polished silver and black, creating a stark contrast against the spin brushed watch face.

With a mineral crystal lens and is available in silver, black or blue in very limited edition quantities, Kisai Katana is a watch design from Tokyoflash that will be a great addition to your collection.

Kisai Katana is designed to suit all wrist sizes and features an adjustable strap to fit your wrist perfectly. At just 115 grams the design is light weight and at only 7mm thin is a design that will be comfortable to wear.

Kisai Katana Link
Kisai Katana Link features Kisai Link seamlessly integrated into the strap so you can receive call, email, SMS
and social alerts direct to your wrist

Kisai Katana is also available with Kisai Link seamlessly integrated into the strap so the user can receive call, mail, message and social alerts direct to their wrist.

Kisai Katana is available at the special release price of $99 (around Php4,500) and with Kisai Link integrated $109 (Php4,950).

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