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Best Buy Award survey shows most preferred brands in the Philippines

Best Buy Award
Honda, SM, Shell, Samsung and Silver Swan among products and
services viewed by Filipinos as best value for money

Filipinos see products and companies such as Honda, SM, Shell, Samsung and Silver Swan as the top in their categories to offer the best price–quality ratio in the market today.

These are the findings of the first Best Buy Award research survey in the Philippines, conducted this July 2015 by the Swiss organization International Certification Association GmbH or ICERTIAS. The organization measures citizens' experiences and satisfaction with the price–quality ratio of marketed products and services.

The research encompassed about 50 different non-economic and economic categories in such sectors as retail, food, footwear, clothing, cosmetics, home appliances, telecommunications, finance, and other segments. Respondents were asked what they felt represented the best price–quality ratio, i.e., the best value for their money, according to their personal experiences with specific products or service categories in the Philippine market.

The brands and companies which received the highest votes include SM (Supermarket Chain category), San Miguel (Beer category), Samsung (smartphone), Honda (family cars), Selecta (ice cream), Silver Swan (soy sauce) and Shell (petrol station).

Established research method
An independent market research based on international standards, the Best Buy Award survey consists of open-ended questions, wherein examinees could freely state the names of products and service providers that, based on their experiences, offer the best value for money.  For example, the question for the instant noodles category was: "Which instant noodles producer in your personal experience offers the best price-quality ratio in the Philippine market?" Most respondents answered this question with "Lucky me!"

The Best Buy Award research, though, does not measure brand equity or market share. The customers' experiences, opinions, satisfaction, and perceptions are exclusively used to gauge the price–quality ratio of goods and services in the market based on their personal experiences.

Methodology and Sampling
The 2015/2016 Philippines Best Buy Award research survey was conducted by ICERTIAS  using a sample of 1,200 Filipino citizens over the age of 15 who are Internet users. The survey used a web questionnaire that followed the Computer Assisted Web Interviewing - Deep Mind Awareness (CAWI - DEEPMA) method.

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