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Isuzu PH delivers heavy-duty trucks to EEI Corporation

Isuzu PH delivers heavy-duty trucks to EEI Corporation

The country’s diesel expert continues to help build the nation with its recent delivery of trucks. On August 12, 2015, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) delivered a fleet of 10 brand-new Isuzu CYZ51 dump trucks to EEI Corporation, one of the country’s leading construction firms.

The new truck turn over ceremony, held at EEI’s head office in Quezon City, ensures the fast delivery of construction materials to EEI’s on-going infrastructure projects like the Skyway 4 link and the new Panglao airport in Bohol.

Present during the ceremony were IPC President Hajime Koso and IPC Executive Vice President Takashi Tomita, EEI Executive Vice President Antonio Pascua and Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) President  & CEO Medel Nera.

“We are very honoured that EEI Corporation has chosen Isuzu’s heavy-duty trucks for its construction requirements,” said IPC President Hajime Koso. “It is good to know that our Isuzu trucks will be part of the developments that contributes to the progress of the country. I am confident that the trucks we delivered will be able to meet the gruelling demand of their business.”

EEI, one of the country’s top choices for infrastructure development projects has a long history of operation in the Philippines. The company which started as a machinery and mills supply house in the 1930s grew into a full pledge construction company and is now building multimillion structures all over the country.

Since 1998, IPC has supplied more than a hundred brand-new vehicles to EEI which are now operating in numerous EEI construction projects nationwide. Continuing its responsibility to its valued customers, IPC is conducting seminars for EEI’s drivers and mechanics to enhance their knowledge in proper vehicle maintenance and operation of their Isuzu trucks. In addition to that, IPC’s service specialists also pay regular visits to EEI’s stockyard to make sure that the trucks are giving their optimum performance.

“We have always trusted Isuzu trucks in our projects,” said EEI EVP Antonio Pascua “over the years we have already proven its durability and ease of use. Maintenance is also not a problem, Isuzu sends technical support to our site which is very helpful especially in our 24 hours projects.” he adds.

In line with the turn over, EEI executives also mentioned that they are already in the process of placing additional orders of Isuzu heavy-trucks. The delivery stands as an initial order as their construction projects will be continuous throughout the year and would require more number of trucks.

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