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Starmobile outs UNO B509 with a built in Bluetooth Dialer, Notifier and Remote Control!

Starmobile UNO B509

In an effort to liven up the entry-level phone market, local smart devices manufacturer Starmobile has made available the new UNO B509, a featurephone with a built in Bluetooth Dialer, Notifier and Remote Control.

Available in elegant Black and Gold with a leather-like finish, the Starmobile UNO B509 is the most functional featurephone the company has ever offered. It boasts of a large 2.8 inch screen with In-Plan Switching (IPS), giving it a wide viewing angle and an even larger 1300mAh battery. The 2MP camera with is also a step above the average as well as the capacious 1000 SMS + 1000 Phonebook memory.

What really sets the Starmobile UNO B509 apart, though, is its smart Bluetooth features. Users can tether the phone to an Android device and use it asa dialer or as a remote texting device. This allows users to keep their more expensive devices in their bags or pockets during their morning commute.

As a Remote Control, the Starmobile UNO B509 works not only as a shutter, but as a real-time monitor, allowing users to take perfectly-framed photos.

This amazing featurephone is now available in stores for only Php1,199 (SRP).

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