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Starmobile UP HD Android ‘Lollipop’ update now live

Starmobile UP HD Android Lollipop Update

Craving for lollipop? If you’re a user of the best-selling Starmobile UP HD, you can now get a taste of this sweet treat with the new Android ‘Lollipop’ update.

Available now via the built-in Over-The-Air (OTA) tool, new and existing Starmobile UP HD units can readily download the update even without a PC. Simply go to Settings > About Phone > System Update and follow the on-screen instructions.

“We want to deliver the latest and the best Android experience to our users so that they may be able to enjoy their devices to the fullest,” said Starmobile Product Development Head Michael Chen.

Android Lollipop brings a refreshed look thanks to Google’s new ‘Material Design’. This design language gives the user interface a layered look thus creating a cleaner and more intuitive feel to your smartphone.

Lollipop is also optimized for the latest apps as well as for multi-tasking and improved battery efficiency.

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