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Epson Establishes Corporate Governance Policy

Epson Facility

Seiko Epson Corporation recently announced it had established a Corporate Governance Policy summarizing its philosophy and policies relating to governance. The Policy was approved by a meeting of Epson's board of directors held on September 2.

To achieve the goals declared in its Management Philosophy, promote sustainable growth, and increase corporate value over the mid- to long-term, Epson believes in continuously enhancing and strengthening corporate governance that realizes transparent, fair, timely, and decisive decision-making. For effective corporate governance in light of prevailing social imperatives and the operating environment, Epson will review this policy, and amend it as necessary, on an annual basis.

“Epson pursues continuous improvement not only through its products, but also in how it operates. Our goal is to provide better value to our customers and enhance their quality of life,” said Toshimitsu Tanaka, Managing Director of Epson Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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