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Huntkey to present at Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show in Hong Kong

Huntkey X-TREME Series
Huntkey X-TREME Series

Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show, as one of the world’s largest electronics sourcing fairs, is opening on October 11, 2015. At each session, it attracts many manufacturers to take part in. As a global professional power solution provider, Huntkey will also attend this event.

This year, Huntkey will be showcasing its full range of products, including power supplies, notebook adapters, power strips, Parts-in-One PCs (PIO in short), power banks, chargers, cables, and so on.

As a leading brand in power supply industry, at the incoming show, Huntkey will show its latest X-TREME series, which contains five models. The rated power ranges from 350W to 600W, meeting power needs of all graphic cards. The conversion efficiency of all models is higher than 80%, therefore saving power for home use. The 12cm fan, which is intelligently controlled by temperature, gives out a very silent environment. Therefore, the X-TREME series is perfect for gaming, working and home use.

Besides of providing power for your computers, Huntkey is dedicated to provide quality power strips, in order to ensure household electricity safety and enhance life quality. At this fair, Huntkey will show its latest SMD series, which provides different solutions for various household electricity needs in American markets. The SSK407, with four USB ports, will be serving for families with a lot of USB charging needs. There are also new power strips for Australia, Europe, South Africa, and so on.

Huntkey will also show new products of power banks, PIOs, monitors and mini PC.

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