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Practo acquires Insta Health for $12M

Shashank ND, Founder & CEO, Practo with Ramesh Emani, Founder & CEO,  Insta HealthShashank ND, Founder & CEO, Practo with Ramesh Emani, Founder & CEO, Insta Health
Acquisition will strengthen Practo’s offering to hospitals and brings onboard HIMS expertise across 15 countries

Practo, Asia’s leading healthcare platform, today announced the acquisition of Insta Health Solutions – a leading provider of cutting edge end to end cloud based hospital information management solution (HIMS) that powers hospitals across 15 countries in India, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Insta will operate as a separate division and will continue to be led by Ramesh Emani, Founder & CEO, Insta Health.

This acquisition brings to Practo a great product, a fantastic team and an expanded global customer base. The acquisition will provide an option to hospitals using Insta’s product to integrate with Practo’s platform and thus provide a superior healthcare experience to patients by enabling them to search and easily find information about doctor availability across hospital and departments, instant bookings as well as no wait times or queues once they reach the hospital for their appointment. Patients will also be able to access all their health records post their discharge on Practo either on the web or on the mobile app.

Insta is used by both standalone and chain of clinics, hospitals and diagnostic labs for automating their clinical, operational and financial processes such as scheduling, registration, out-patient and in- patient management, billing, electronic medical records (EMR), ward and bed management, diagnostics, advanced insurance and lab equipment integration, operation theatre, pharmacy and inventory management, specialty modules like dental, dialysis, IVF, Pediatrics, etc.

The acquisition will help accelerate Practo’s Partner Program that is designed to enable HIMS providers around the world to integrate with Practo’s platform to provide consumers a seamless healthcare experience no matter which hospital they visit. Insta was one of the first few partners to come onboard on this program.

“This is the third of several acquisitions we’ve been evaluating as we continue our mission to help simplify and digitize healthcare around the world and make Practo everyone’s health app. I am very pleased to welcome Ramesh and the Insta team to Practo. I look forward to working with them to transform the hospital industry globally and provide a great consumer experience by digitizing records, removing wait times and queues, simplifying payments and more,” said Shashank ND, Founder & CEO, Practo.

“Insta is thrilled to join Practo in our quest to enable digital healthcare worldwide. We both share the same passion, vision and commitment to customers in offering great products. We chose Practo over some other options as we felt that, together, we can offer superior, comprehensive and integrated solutions for all participants in the healthcare ecosystem across patients, doctors and healthcare providers. Insta will benefit from Practo’s expertise in mobile technology and their geographic and global presence. I look forward to working with Shashank and the Practo team in realising our shared vision of transforming healthcare globally.” - said Ramesh Emani, Founder & CEO, Insta Health.

Practo currently has 11,000 listed doctors in the Philippines across all 17 cities in the Greater Manila area. Practo has over 50 people in the Philippine team and is looking to expand that to over 150 by March 2016. In the next 3-6 months, Practo will continue to grow its presence in the Philippines to cover more areas and ensure that consumers have the best healthcare experience on the planet.

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