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SMART Promo Code Dialer: Android app that helps people save money when placing calls on SMART

SMART Promo Code Dialer

SMART Promo Code Dialer helps you automatically call your existing contacts with your SMART promo code. No need to add a second contact with your promo code, or dial the number manually.

"I built an Android app that helps people save money when placing calls on SMART. The app makes it a much simpler process to dial your friends and family using your existing promos with ease instead of fumbling, making mistakes when trying to avail it, and getting charged for invalid transactions. The app is free and I made it for myself to help myself save money, but I think its something that could benefit people, so I wanted to pass it on." Daniel Fratus, Designer of SMART Promo Dialer


  • Scans your text messages to see what promo code you have from SMART
  • Enter a promo code manually in case you deleted the registration message from SMART
  • Contact list shows which contacts are SMART vs. Globe (green checkmark for SMART, red X for Globe) so you don't get charged for invalid transactions.

NOTE: This is the first version (beta) of the app, please be sure you have a valid promo, and you are using the correct promo or you could be charged P1 for invalid transactions. By downloading the app you agree that you are liable for using it correctly and any invalid calls you make are your own responsibility, just as you could do using the built-in phone app.

The app can be found at http://smarter.ph or https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.taras.melko.smartpromodialer

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