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Brainly PH Joins Brainly’s Global Learning Community

Brainly App
Philippines contributes to global knowledge base of Brainly app

Today, Brainly announced that the Philippines will join forces with its global learning community by merging with the new Brainly app on both iOS and Android devices. The new app will address the global Brainly community of over 40 million monthly users in more than 35 countries. The app will continue to provide a localised interface and knowledge base for all 12 language versions which will allow students from around the world to receive the most proper information and help for the education system in their countries.

Brainly.ph has seen an increase of users doubling every school year since its arrival. After its launch in February 2014, Brainly.ph has seen great success by helping 1m students. By moving to the global platform, Brainly will offer a more streamlined approach for students in the Philippines by giving them access to a larger knowledge base.

Brainly is a worldwide community that brings together millions of students, teachers and other education lovers to offer free help with schoolwork. The platform gives students a unique chance to fight against inequalities in access to knowledge and education by offering homework help for everyone. Anybody with access to the internet can use the open knowledge base to research the topics they need help with, or ask questions to the community. In return, they get a chance to help other users by sharing their knowledge.

“The new app focuses on knowledge exploration by making it fast and easy for students to find the information they need” explains MichaùBorkowski, Brainly’s CEO. “Thanks to the new search system, students will be able to research topics from any subject while getting ready for tests, essays and class projects. With all topics and subjects in one app, gathering necessary information is now easier than ever.”

With the new modern design and visual experience, using the single app will enhance the quality of service and speed up support for the community. The navigation is now more intuitive and the knowledge base is even more accessible.

With Brainly, if you’ve got a question about an assignment or class discussion, or just want to learn more about a subject, post your question and within minutes receive a clear answer from another student. If you know your stuff down cold, you can share your hard-earned knowledge by answering questions that have other students stumped. And the more you answer, the more you get, like ranks from Beginner to Genius that give you instant street-cred. Brainly’s all about giving and getting the right answer, which is why top students act as Moderators to ensure that only the best, most accurate information is provided.

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