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Giada’s New, Compact Fan-less Mini PC – F210

Giada F210 Mini PC
The compact design is perfect for the thin client market, desktop virtualization or cloud terminals

Giada has just unveiled a compact fan-less mini PC system - the F210. With an efficient Intel Cherry Trail Processor and lower power consumption, the F210 is a compact-sized and cost effective Intel Platform thin client Mini PC. It provides 2G onboard memory and 8G of eMMC storage. To support diversified video output, the F210 is equipped with both VGA and HDMI interfaces. OS compatibility with the latest Windows 10 and Android ensures wide OS options. The space-saving size of the F210 and its uncompromising performance enables its wide range of applications in thin-client and desktop virtualization terminals.

Robust and Compact Design

The all-metal chassis provides better protection for the internal parts from damage as well as EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference). Its rugged design allows for 24/7 stable operation over long periods of time. In addition, the all-metal design can improve the heat dissipation efficiency and lowers the working temperature of the parts, thus prolonging the form factor's lifetime.

Measuring only 116.6 x 107.2 x 30 mm, the F210 takes only 1/30 the volume of a traditional PC and enables flexible deployments and installations. It frees up precious space without compromising the performance, and can be seamlessly mounted behind the monitor or hidden in any obscure corner inside a digital signage device.

Fan-less Design
This model features a fan-less design, giving users a quiet work space by eliminating the ambient noises caused by internal fans. This approach also decreases power consumption, and improves reliability by avoiding potential dirt-related component failures.

Dual Display Functionality
The accessibility of the F210’s VGA+HDMI dual output allows for easy video connections. Plus the rich connectivity allows you to connect multiple peripherals via the three USB2.0 ports and one high-speed USB3.0 port.

VESA Mount Integration
The F210 uses the industry standard VESA mount which allows for versatile integration into hardware systems. This space saving capability is well-suited for digital signage applications with limited space.

Compatible with Windows and Android
To reach as many users as possible and meet their various demands with operating system requirements, the F210 is specially designed to support both Windows & Android. For Windows, the F210 is compatible with the newly-released Windows 10.

Easy Maintenance and High Reliability
The F210 applies the Giada self-developed and patented JAHC (Jehe Active Hardware Control) unmanned technology, making it competitive in secure operations and during maintenance. Giada’s unmanned hardware/software feature allows for power automation and supports 3 key functions: RTC Wake Up, Auto Power On after AC Loss and IR Remote Control before the OS is on. These features are almost tailored made for unattended harsh environments usage such as factories, outdoor info devices, hotels, and educational and financial institutions and are easily set up and controlled with the JAHC software that is included.

Giada F210 Series Features:

  • All-metal & fan-less design
  • Onboard Cherry Trail-CR CPU
  • Onboard 1G/2G memory and 8G/32G eMMC
  • Support HD output with dual display : VGA+HDMI
  • Compact-sized figure, only 3CM thickness

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