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IDC hosts ASEAN IT Security Conference 2015 in Manila

Beyond the 3rd Platform: Future of Security

With the 3rd Platform and its innovation accelerators not only disrupting industries but also creating growth opportunities, IDC is of the opinion that having a holistic and strategic approach toward IT security is paramount for the success of organizations moving forward.

IT security is still very much a buzzword in today's Philippine ICT market. However, the industry is in a transition phase where 3rd Platform technologies — which include cloud, mobility, Big Data and analytics, and social as well as the six innovation accelerators of Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing, cognitive computing, and next-generation security — are creating new models of consumption, business/monetization, and operation.

With these, IT security and protection plays a very critical role in the information technology equation. The IT infrastructure is under constant attack from a variety of players, from mischief-makers to nation-states and everyone in between. The cybercrime environment has evolved from quick smash-and-grab tactics to the more refined "long-con" — criminal organizations and mercenaries for hire that create specialized malware that is targeted, polymorphic, and dynamic.

Enterprises and organizations are engaged in a constant arms race with the attacking elements, and generally, the perception is that the offense is winning. Enterprises have been responding to threats by increasing spending on the newest security products and services. "However, IT security decisions should be made with a better understanding of the existing trends and opportunities. The growth in security products and solutions is shifting from being a reactive model to one that is proactive. The 3rd Platform is now changing the approach to security from a fortress mentality to a 'bottom up' challenge," says Jubert Alberto, country lead, IDC Philippines.

Moving forward, IDC believes that security is "everyone's business" and is an important component of any organization's day-to-day activities. As opined by CIOs and ICT decision makers, "innovation + security" is the key to thriving in the new era of hyperconnecitivity and hypercompetition, especially with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) integration looming in the background. Organizations in the Philippines must also look to build countermeasure platforms built on analytics for a more comprehensive security-related intelligence as well as push for enterprisewide information inventory and testing and verification of security preparedness.

On October 15, IDC will hold its ASEAN IT Security Conference 2015 at the New World Hotel in Makati City. This conference will bring together the best solution providers and senior IT executives across industries to create a platform to share ideas on how security can continue to be an integral part of the future of IT and the steps organizations need to take to be able to leverage on this new technological era.

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