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Jetsetting with the best VIBE

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Travelling to new places and experiencing new culture is all about exposure to the world around us. It comes as no surprise that a big part of that is photographing one’s experiences, both to share with others and to look back on in years to come.

However, nobody wants to lug around suitcases loaded with camera gear and in this day and age, it’s all about the smartphone. Always on hand when a photo-opportunity strikes, we just can’t do without our nifty devices, especially those that can take photos rivaling the image quality of many professional cameras.

The Lenovo VIBE Shot is built for just that: Delivering pixel-perfect photos day or night with its 16-megapixel camera and low-light sensor. All that in a highly compact, lightning-fast smartphone.

Staying Connected
Thanks to social media, more and more people are sharing about their travels online readily. Some capture their new experiences in the places they visit using a DSLR, tripod, and a set of lenses before upload their shots to social media using their laptops. But for those split-second moments of pure beauty, surprise, or joy, the smartphone will have to do and it’s especially savvy for posting on social media connecting our experiences with friends and family without delay.

To capture the crispest images as well as to keep sharing one’s travel souvenirs, packing a smartphone with multiple connectivity options and dual SIM capabilities enables globe trotters to keep in touch with people at home while minimizing data cost in a foreign country. Besides, a reliable data connection can keep travelers from getting lost, being stumped by the local dialect, or to better plan where to go when looking for that hidden food gem in the midst of a newly visited city.

The VIBE Shot’s octa-core chip lets users upload and download data quickly with 4G, connect via Wi-Fi hotspots, and manage separate data plans on two SIMS at once.

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Pack Light and Smart
In the same way a smart traveler would try to stick to hand-luggage instead of carrying 30kg worth of luggage to ensure a seamless holiday, switching from DSLR to a smartphone saves both weight and space.

The VIBE Shot is just 7.6mm thin and can sit in one’s pocket instead of taking up valuable suitcase space. It even has a panorama selfie function that’s perfect for taking groufies — something that can’t be done using a DSLR’s telephoto lens!

Take a Large Digital Suitcase
Great travel memories and amazing photos go hand in hand, but not if one runs out of space on their smartphone! Extra digital storage is cheaper and easier than ever before, so don’t leave home without it; getting a smartphone with large onboard storage helps, too. The VIBE Shot comes with 32GB of built-in storage which can be boosted by up to 128GB extra by adding microSD cards that can take as much as 40 thousand shots of unforgettable travel moments.

Pricing and Availability
The Lenovo VIBE Shot is now available at Lenovo Mobile Exclusive Stores and authorized retailers nationwide at Php 17,999, bundled with a free screen protector (worth Php299) and a free back cover (worth Php599).

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