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SKY’s Free SKY Channels Promo is Back!


SKY continues to give back to its subscribers. Celebrating 25 years this year, SKY opened up all its channels to SKY subscribers in July 2015. It’s back again this October for all digital postpaid subscribers to enjoy.

Promo period: October 9 to October 18, Over 190 channels will be open for viewing, including premium channels such as NBA Premium TV, Fox Movies Premium, Disney Jr., BeIn Sports 1 2 and 3, HGTV, AXN HD, and all HBO channels.

With the FREE SKY CHANNELS promo, SKYcable further highlights:

  1. Unbeatable Channel Line-up: Subscribers can enjoy over 190 channels for the entire family
  2. Ability to add channels and packs that you like: Subscribers can choose and add channels and packs that they like. Subscribers don’t have to choose between plans and sacrifice on missing out channels that they like. SKY subscribers can just add that special channel or pack – they can call on the hotline or activate channels easily online.
  3. Record. Pause. Play. And More: SKYcable’s iRecord functionality is present on the new SKY On Demand digibox. iRecord gives subscribers the power to record, playback and pause live TV so they never miss out on their favorite shows or scenes. The SKY On Demand digibox also allows subscribers to catch up and binge watch on shows that they missed anytime, anywhere, on any screen.

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