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Express your ‘Love Ko ‘To’ Moments with the new McDonald’s Sticker Pack for Viber

McDonald’s Sticker Pack for Viber

Talking to friends and loved ones online has just gotten more fun with the new McDonald’s Sticker Pack for Viber.

Mobile and desktop users can now easily put more color to conversations with cartoonized stickers of their favorite McDonald’s food products, iconic characters from McDonald Land, and more. Famous phrases that evoke feelings like ‘love ko ‘to’ and ‘hooray for today’ can now be said with just one tap. By downloading the sticker pack which contains 20 different designs, one is sure to find a McDonald’s sticker that fully describes an emotion, a thought, or even a current craving.

The McDonald’s Sticker Pack can be downloaded for free via the Sticker Market for Viber. It is also available on the PicoCandy for Messenger app.

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