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Level-up your texting game with Yahoo Livetext

Yahoo Livetext

Emoticons. LOLs, LMFAOs, IKRs. Emojis. Can you guess the next instant messaging game changer? We’re thinking faces. Live and in real-time.

All of these, you can enjoy with Yahoo Livetext. This all-new messaging app blends the immediacy and simplicity of texting with the expressiveness of video without the audio, and it is now available around the world in every major language. It combines video to make your conversations more authentic, and text to bring you a quick and non-intrusive way to connect.

In the age of instant sharing 24/7, it might just come in handy when you’re stuck in situations like:

When stuck inside the shuttle express or when riding a bus or train, talking on the phone is not really advisable. In fact, for most people, it is part of etiquette to not have loud conversation in an enclosed public space. Enter Yahoo Livetext – use it when stuck in rush hour traffic and you just can’t wait to send to your family your latest funny face complete with description. The bonus: your seatmate will probably won’t even notice how much fun you’re having.

In the supermarket
Unsure of which yogurt brand to buy? Or what ice-cream flavor to get your friends? Message them, complete with (silent) video evidence, so you can decide in a way that is beneficial for everyone. Yahoo Livetext saves the day.

In a basketball game
When you’re watching a UAAP game live at the Araneta Coliseum or MOA Arena, it is virtually impossible to hear audio on your phone with all the screaming, heckling and drum-beating going on. With Yahoo Livetext, you can share to your friends the action, in real-time, minus the horrible noise of the arena!

While partying in a nightclub
We’re not sure if it’s possible to actually get good video audio while dancing the night away in the hottest nightclub in town, but we do know that through Yahoo Livetext, you can share to your friends just how much fun you’re having without disrupting them with loud EDM beats.

In a long meeting
When you are zoning out, and you need something to jolt you awake will a funny message and silent video from your BAE do the trick? There is no better .gif than your special someone’s own facial expressions, and you guessed it right you can do that with Yahoo Livetext!

You may download Yahoo LiveText from Apple Store or Google Play.

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