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Say #YAZZYouCan with Metrobank Card Corporation’s Yazz Card

Metrobank Card Corporation Yazz Card

Meeting the evolving needs of the vibrant market, Metrobank Card Corporation ups the ante in card convenience with YAZZ, the all-around prepaid VISA card that allows cashless transactions with millions of accredited VISA merchants and ATMs worldwide. No more bulky wallets, loose change and heavy check books; just shopping convenience with a swipe of a card.

From lifestyle malls around the world to digital shopping platforms, limitless opportunities await YAZZ-card users.

Use YAZZ to instantly pay for bills and purchases from your favourite boutiques and supermarkets worldwide. Go online to book travel tickets, buy books and games, and even plan entire vacations with more confidence as the YAZZ card is EMV-enabled, which is the same technology used with credit cards that gives you more security and protection.

Liza Soberano, the country’s newest silver screen darling and Metrobank Card Corporation YAZZ endorser, delights in having found the perfect partner in YAZZ. “I don’t like bringing cash around because I usually lose my money. YAZZ is perfect for me because I’m only 17. I can’t avail of a credit card just yet, so I can pay for my own stuff without having to bother my parents,” shares Liza, who, since having discovered YAZZ, never leaves home without her handy swipe card.

Alden Richards, the phenomenal “Kalyeserye” prince of Aldub, imagines a more exciting future with YAZZ. “My schedule has been so crazy as of late, so I find the YAZZ Card convenient because I can send money to my family in Laguna. And since YAZZ is also an ATM card, I can withdraw money wherever I am, should I need any cash!”

“The Royal Hotness” and YAZZ ambassador James Reid, on the other hand, shares that his busy schedule prohibits him from shopping at leisure, so “when I do have the time to browse online, I buy what I can! I love watching movies, or listening to music during breaks from tapings, so YAZZ is so convenient when buying music online. At least with YAZZ, I don’t have to borrow, it’s my own credit.”

Like many other young, passionate individuals, host, actress, singer, and another YAZZ ambassador “The Dental Diva” Kakai Bautista, want to enjoy the fruits of her hard work by taking exciting trips abroad to have some well-deserved me-time. “I love travelling, and now I can travel with ease and I can shop anywhere in the world. What I like about YAZZ is that I have control over my purchases,” says Kakai. Simply load your preferred amount, and you don’t have to worry about spending beyond your budget.

“With YAZZ, I like that I can enjoy the freedom and the perks of a credit card, while still having control over my money. I’m not an impulsive buyer, but if there’s a sale, I will shop like there’s no tomorrow,” Liza laughs. “YAZZ is a great alternative to credit cards as you don’t have to pay interest or an annual fee, or worry about the maintaining balance. It really makes life easier and hassle-free!”

YAZZ proves especially helpful to Liza when it comes to travelling abroad, one of her biggest passions and indulgences. “With YAZZ, I don’t have to worry about shopping. When I’m in the US with family, I love buying gifts for them and treating them to amusement parks.”

Shopping abroad becomes even more convenient as YAZZ is accepted in over 40 million VISA accredited merchants worldwide. Registered YAZZ users can also enjoy aggregate purchases of up to P100,000 per month, which means more purchasing power with your card. And in instances where you need cash, you don’t need to worry as you can simply withdraw at the nearest ATM.

Like our “Yazzers”, Liza Soberano, Alden Richards, James Reid and Kakai Bautista you, too, can enjoy the convenience and buying power of YAZZ. With just P300, you can avail of the prepaid VISA card sold at loading partners nationwide and 24/7 convenience stores. Simply provide the essential details for registration, and once the card is activated, you can use it immediately. It’s that easy.

To (re)load funds into your YAZZ card, you can access the Web POS loading site through your tablet or mobile phone, or any loading kiosk. The minimum load amount is P100 per transaction, while maximum load is P10,000 with a set P20 loading fee automatically deducted from each loading transaction. To confirm the transaction, users can check his/her load via the YAZZ mobile app, website, ATM, customer service. For your shopping pleasure, YAZZ also allows a maximum aggregate load of P100,000 per month, giving you more to live big.

For your security, you can also monitor your purchases by checking your balance and transaction history via your online account, which you can access through the official website or through your mobile app. In cases of lost cards or theft, you can have the card blocked by simply calling up the YAZZ Custumer Service hotline, and have the remaining load transferred to another registered YAZZ card.

Swipe and shop with ease, thanks to Metrobank Card Corporation’s YAZZ Card. When it comes to enjoying life and shopping with convenience, Liza Soberano says Yes to YAZZ.

You can buy and load your YAZZ card at YAZZ Kiosks all around Metro Manila, at SM Malls through their Business Centers located at the SM Department Stores, SM Supermarkets, and SM Hypermarkets.

Watch out for more YAZZ partners coming real soon like Family Mart, CDR-King, National Bookstore, Super 8 among many others.

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