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Statement of Mitsubishi Motors Philippines on Claims of Montero Sport Sudden Unintended Acceleration

Mitsubishi Montero Sport Sudden Unintended Acceleration
Source: Epi Cruz (Facebook)

MMPC would like to assure the public that the Montero Sport is neither defective nor unsafe to use.

MMPC and its principal Mitsubishi Motors Corporation of Japan (MMC), has conducted extensive testing and investigation of all submitted claims of unintended acceleration, using current and available technology to determine the cause of said Unintended Acceleration but has not found any defects or cause directly linked to the vehicles involved.

MMC technical experts went to MMPC to conduct series of tests on the units with this complaint when it was first observed in 2011.

That same year, in the absence of an automotive third party testing facility in the Philippines, MMPC sent a Montero Sport unit with sudden unintended acceleration complaint to MMC's proving ground in Okazaki, Japan to be inspected and tested. In all these tests, MMC found no defect or malfunction that would result in the alleged sudden unintended acceleration.

MMC and MMPC have concluded that the performance and behavior of the Montero Sport is completely dependent on driver action and reaction, and that the vehicle will only move upon driver intervention.

Nonetheless, MMPC is committed to consumer safety and earnestly request owners of Montero Sport that if they have concerns about this issue, to contact Mitsubishi Customer Care Center at telephone number (+632) 250-8888, Monday to Friday, or visit any of our service centers nationwide for a free check-up. During the free check-up, qualified personnel will also provide tips on the best and safest way of operating the vehicle.

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