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The Letter - Philippine-made indie horror visual novel game is live on Kickstarter!

The Letter
Ambitious horror visual novel game with 6 playable characters & engaging quick-time events

Yangyang Mobile, the development studio behind The Letter, just announced that their Kickstarter campaign is up, and will be running for the next thirty (30) days.

The Letter is an ambitious, indie horror visual novel game that promises six (6) unique playable characters, engaging quick-time events and animated sprites & backgrounds. It is heavily inspired by the team’s love of Asian horror, especially Japanese films like Ju-On: The Grudge and The Ring, and Korean web comic Bongcheong-Dong Ghost, as well as role-playing games like Mad Father and Corpse Party.

"The story begins with Isabella, who finds a strange letter in an old mansion being sold by her employers. The letter contains the words 'HELP ME' over and over again before it ends with a warning to send it to 5 people or else," said Danni, the co-founder of Yangyang Mobile. "The Letter will be our debut PC game and we're really looking forward to spending time on this project."

Yangyang Mobile is an indie game development studio based in the Philippines. They specialize in creating video games and mobile apps. Their most recent game release is a color-based, casual mobile game called 2Colors. It is now available on the Google Playstore.

You can find more information about The Letter, as well as its playable demo, on its Kickstarter page.

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