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Accenture Teams with Code.org to Advance Coding Literacy and Encourage Participation in Hour of Code

Accenture Teams with Code.org
Accenture employees in 186 cities across 56 countries pledge to complete nearly 8,000 Hours of Code

Accenture is teaming with Code.org to support global participation in Hour of Code, one of the world’s largest educational events, designed to prove anyone can learn the basics of coding, have fun doing it, then continue learning beyond one hour. Thousands of Accenture employees around the world have pledged to complete nearly 8,000 Hours of Code during Computer Science Education Week (December 7-13). This number is expected to grow as Accenture employees commit to an Hour of Code and volunteer to work with teachers and Code.org to help students learn the basics of computer science at local schools and events through fun, game-like online lessons.

Organized by Code.org, the Hour of Code brings together more than 350 partner organizations and tens of millions of students in every country around the world. The campaign culminated with a massive coding event the week of Dec 7-13, with 191,000 registered events. The goal of the grassroots movement is to empower every student in every school with the opportunity to learn computer science. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path.

”We are aligned with Code.org’s mission and vision that exposure to coding is important to the success of every student, regardless of what field they choose to pursue,” said Paul Daugherty, Accenture’s chief technology officer. “We must all do more to encourage greater interest in computer science in schools, especially for girls and underrepresented students of color. Armed with coding skills they develop throughout their academic careers, students will be much better prepared to fill key roles in the digital businesses of the future. I am continually impressed with the passion and energy that our Accenture people are showing in their commitment to this important cause.”

“The need for people with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) skills has never been greater,” said Roxanne Taylor, Accenture’s chief marketing and communications officer. “By 2020, there will be 1.2 million jobs requiring computer-related skills in the U.S. alone. Yet the pipeline of graduates with technology skills is lacking, especially among women. Code.org is helping to reverse this trend by addressing the issue early in the education cycle. We need to get young people excited about computer science long before they enter college. Hour of Code is an amazing campaign that does just that.”

Code.org CEO and Co-founder Hadi Partovi, added, “Accenture is leading by example in their efforts to support computer science education with a company-wide commitment to help students start learning skills that will prepare them for the best opportunities in any future career path. By not only looking inward into their own organization, Accenture's support in classrooms and Code.org events around the world has addressed and continue to address some of the biggest issues faced by the technology industry, helping make it more diverse, inclusive and available to all people.”

As part of its collaboration with Code.org, senior Accenture leaders joined with employees in 186 cities across 56 countries, including the Philippines, to participate in the global Hour of Code initiative.

Accenture in the Philippines Technology Lead, Ambe Tierro, together with local Accenture employee volunteers conducted the Hour of Code activity recently among 80 Grade 4 students of the PAREF Southridge School where they learned how to code both Star Wars and Minecraft games.

“The kids were all very receptive and excited to learn how easy coding is. Together with my whole team, we are grateful to be given this opportunity to help bring computer science and coding concepts closer to these kids, who will one day lead the information technology industry with their own ideas that can change the way the world works and lives,” said Tierro.

The employees of Accenture in the Philippines have likewise shown significant interest in pledging their support for the Hour of Code project. Besides the event held at PAREF Southridge School, almost three hundred other schools, organizations, and companies, from all around the Philippines, also held an Hour of Code event in their respective locations.

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