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MAPFRE Insular’s ‘MAiassist’ Mobile App Revolutionizes Roadside Assistance

MAPFRE Insular’s ‘MAiassist’ Mobile App Revolutionizes Roadside Assistance

MAPFRE Insular revolutionizes how we see roadside assistance by pioneering a new mobile app that will benefit policyholders with roadside assistance that is practically at the tip of our fingers. This innovation, dubbed as the MAiassist mobile application, aims to provide fully automated roadside assistance initially, through SMS update facility and eventually via GPS.

MAiassist responds to three possible incidents: breakdown, theft, and accident. After selecting the assistance you need, the mobile app will automatically report the time and location of the vehicular concern. Then, your details are sent to MAPFRE’s assistance systems, which will send you a confirmation of your request. MAiassist also has a unique feature that allows the app users to receive real-time updates on the arrival of an assistance unit via SMS every 15 minutes of the tow truck’s location. In cases of extreme emergencies, you can directly contact assistance services by an automated telephone call.

MAPFRE Insular is one of the world’s most trusted insurance companies that offers non-life insurance, and is the first company to introduce this breakthrough in roadside assistance. “MAPFRE Insular is committed to give its policyholders only the best and most innovative service,” President and CEO Mr. Tirso C. Abad shares. “The MAiassist mobile app offers 24/7 reliable services and attends to accidents and breakdowns with speed and convenience. With this mobile app, all of MAPFRE Insular’s insurance policyholders can access easy, fast, and effective roadside assistance for whatever road incident that they may encounter.”

Policyholders can also modify their user profile, add additional vehicles, and access their request history. This mobile app is available in iOS and Android app stores.

So, no matter what road you are driving, easy and fast roadside assistance will always be within your reach wherever and whenever you need it through MAPFRE Insular’sMAiassist app.

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