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Apacer receives the 24th Taiwan Excellence Award!

Apacer receives the 24th Taiwan Excellence Award!
Outstanding Innovative R&D Strength is Recognized

Apacer, the global leading brand of memory, received the 24th Taiwan Excellence Award, which is the seventh consecutive year winning this title! There is fierce competition in this year’s Taiwan Excellence Award. Upon rigorous selection and evaluation, a total of 202 manufacturers and 523 products stand out and win the honors. By virtue of Apacer’s excellent R&D strength and fully-optimized user experience, five products receive the Award, giving recognition to the wonderful performance of Apacer in storage applications.

Apacer is committed to innovation and constantly launching new products so as to create enhanced user experience and provide excellent storage solutions to meet various needs of users. In recent years, in addition to a variety of products recognized by the Taiwan Excellent Award for several times, Apacer’s professional experience and continuous R&D strength in embedded industry, gaming, mobility, cloud and other applications have been heavily relied on and supported in the industry. The award-winning products this year include the NFC SSD, which reinforces upgrading security protection by using wireless communication technology, the CoreAnalyzer technology software with unique and innovative analyzing technology, the NOX DDR4 SO-DIMM memory module, which offers high stability performance, the AH650 USB 3.0 fingerprint flash drive securing private user’s confidential information, and the stylish and portable super-mini USB flash drives AH157/AH116.

Evolution of NFC SSD Data Security Technology, with Protection Levels Comprehensively Upgraded
Continuously innovating data security and protection technologies, Apacer has reached a climax of Apacer NFC SSD. With the characteristics of high security, convenience, and low power consumption, Apacer NFC SSD utilizes Near Field Communication standards to be connected with smartphones via short-range sensing, which triggers three exclusive security commands of Core Security – CoreErase, CoreDestroyer, and CoreProtecor – inbuilt in Apacer’s industrial SSDs, to meet clients’ requirements of a high level of data protection.

CoreAnalyzer, Proprietary SSD Analyzing Technology, Optimizing System Operation
In addition to assisting clients to reinforce security mechanism for data protection, Apacer has developed the proprietary SSD CoreAnalyzer Technology. The CoreAnalyzer firmware embedded in Apacer SSD records all read and write operations at the host end and analyzes the data stored in the SSD. CoreAnalyzer further presents user behavior of SSD, including read/write ratio, workload, ratio of sequential write, and random access ratio. By allowing clients to fully understand the actual user behavior of SSD, CoreAnalyzer also provides references for clients in choosing the most optimal SSD.

NOX DDR4 SO-DIMM Specially Designed for Gaming Notebook, Enhancing Overall Performance More Than 20%
NOX DDR4 3000MHz SO-DIMM is perfect for gaming laptop, high-end business laptop, and high-performance mini system. High quality SO-DIMM memory module is so far the one with the highest capacity worldwide on single one module, 16GB and the total capacity of 64GB(16GB*4). NOX with discreetly selected DRAM ICs keeps notebook stably running under high speed, relatively decreases power consumption and increases overall performance by more than 20%. The astounding design, with a color of black and silver, resembling aureola slightly emerging from the middle in the darkness, shows the most mysterious energy and beauty from the night goddess. Its label sticker, which is able to stand up to 120 °C heat, is similar to the metallic heat spreader.

AH650 with Advanced Capacitive Sensing, Total Upgrade of Data Security Protection 
Apacer AH650 is a USB flash drive equipped with the latest capacitive sensing fingerprint recognition technology. Apart from enhancing recognition speed and accuracy, there is no directional limit for fingerprint recognition to significantly outperform traditional slide fingerprint scan in security and convenience terms. It also spares the trouble of memorizing and entering long passwords. By simply putting the finger on the presentation plane, users can easily activate the hidden, fingerprint-protected partition to provide perfect protection for important personal information.

AH157 & AH116, Be Compact and Delicate to Exert Elegance
Apacer’s stylish super-mini USB flash drives AH157 and AH116 feature the coin-like size of 2.5 x 1.7cm and the portable weight of 3.7g. Apacer’s design team believes that perfect experience comes from satisfactory user experience of all times. AH157 and AH116 remove unnecessary decorations and apply the appearance of a tiny cork with the most comfortable arc angle, delivering roundness and smoothness of cobblestones and adding humanistic warmth to cold technological products. A considerately designed grommet allows users to attach their favorite chains or ornaments to distinguish personalities.

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