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Hack your way to Takatack.com, create DIY-Projects for New Year

Takatack.com DIY-Projects for New Year

Among the most common New Year’s resolutions are getting healthier, traveling more, organizing better, and spending more time with family. Yet in pursuit of goals like these, people often forget how much secondary factors, such as their environment or even their wardrobe, can play into their relative success or failure.

As part of New Beginnings 2016, online shopping discovery platform Takatack.com wants Filipinos to improve their lives by “hacking” their New Year’s resolutions by turning products bought from their website into DIY-projects that can help them achieve their resolutions and increase their sense of well-being.

The five categories for New Beginnings 2016 appropriately correspond to some of people’s most common New Year’s resolutions. They are: A new version of me, Getting organized, For my family, Healthy living, and More adventures.

DIY projects are popular in the United States, where an entire culture has sprung up dedicated to empowering the everyman to create and recreate, even with something as seemingly uncreative as Ikea furniture.

Rebecca Ricalde, Assistant Vice President for Digital Commerce at Voyager Innovations, the digital innovations arm of PLDT and Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), which fuels Takatack, believes that creating DIY projects through their platform can truly help people achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

“The old joke is that a resolution made on January first will be broken before the sun sets on the second. To prevent this, we should look at what we can most easily change around us to increase our odds of succeeding. Luckily, with all the products available on Takatack.com, we can customize our living spaces and how we present ourselves to help us accomplish our most ambitious goals,” said Ricalde, who added as way of an example the aspiring fitness buff who creates a mini-home gym in her bedroom to make it easier to exercise on a daily basis.

Ricalde is herself an avid DIYer, and she gave her own story as an example of the Takatack.com’s potential in helping us take control of our living spaces, and in extension, our lives. According to Ricalde, she repurposed a bookshelf bought from Takatack.com into a permanent display of healthy snacks such as dried fruits at her office, which encouraged her workmates to eat healthier. She also mixed and matched clothes purchased on Takatack.com to create a stable of comfortable office outfits that made it easier to walk around and take the stairs.

“The DIY culture is not just about building things it’s about taking control of your lives, beginning with what matters most. By enabling Filipinos to explore changes that they can make for their living spaces as well as themselves, we hope to help them bring out their best in 2016,” said Ricalde.

Ricalde noted that with over 500,000 products available on Takatack, there are millions of possibilities for DIY-projects a person’s only real limitation is their imagination.

New Beginnings 2016 began on December 28 and ends on January 15, 2016, and includes close to 50 participating merchants, such as Next Technologies, Kitsound, Superlux, Procare, Sound Magic, Ehome, Shoppiyo-Audio Technica, Airborne Technologies, Philips, Motorola, Chigo, Yoomi, Angeline Shoes, Earthly Senses Spa, Fledge Clothing, It Figures Skin Care & Body Shaping, Paris Bijoux, Tangle Teezer, Hickok Leather, Watchaholics PH, SJ Premier Enterprises, SEC Moto, and Jong Duyan.

Shoppers can avail of P400 discount on a P1000 minimum purchase using the promo code NEWYOU.

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