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Plextor's Most Popular Products of the Year 2015

Plextor's Most Popular Products of the Year 2015

Gamers! It is almost the end of the year 2015. Have you taken advantage of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday discount and upgraded your platform? Or are you still waiting for the special offer of the New Year holidays? Whether you have had them upgraded or not, never forget to install your primary OS system on the SSD so as to prevent the performance of the whole platform from being limited by the disk drives.

Since 2016 is around the corner, together with our gamers, we would like to look back on the products introduced by Plextor in 2015 that were most popular among gamers and beloved by the media. Let’s start from the third most popular product.

No.3 - M6V

A whole new line, M6V exceeded everyone’s expectation upon its introduction. Apart from its inherent stability in read/write performance, the test results of the consistency in its basic performance also refreshingly impressed everyone. With Plextor M6V, it is shown that entry-level products can have a true performance matching that of the mainstream products, which makes it so celebrated.

Our competitors only emphasize how low the prices of their entry-level products are and how fast their continuous access performance is, but soon the speed starts to drop and the products need repair. Gamers who are having their first taste of Plextor might wonder: "What is 'true performance'?” True performance is related to SSDs; with the use and aging of SSDs, the performance of the products deteriorates. However, you can lie back and relax if you have chosen Plextor. That is because Plextor’s products use selected high-end components and have passed numerous rigorous tests, genuinely delivering SSDs with high durability and stable performance to customers.

Plextor M6V Series

No.2 - M6S
That's right!! We know that M6S has topped its kind on the market for some time, but its performance is still amongst the best on the market. Its reputable product stability and compatibility also remain unmatched to date. M6S has won various awards, even in the year of 2015. When faced with such a well-developed and fully-tried product, our competitors do not stand a chance at beating M6S's impeccable excellence in stability and performance, whether by releasing new products or selling the products that went through the same challenges on the market concurrently with M6S. Besides, with mass production and economies of scale, the price of M6S has become easily affordable. Who says that you have to pay extremely high prices to have top level products? Choosing M6S equips your computer with the component of the best effectiveness without any financial burden.

Plextor M6S Series

No.1 - M6e Black Edition
It is no surprise that M6e Black Edition claimed Plextor's Most Popular Product of the Year again in 2015. After all, as the first gaming-oriented PCIe SSD on the market, both its performance and appearance brought new experience to costumers. As a pioneer of PCIe M.2 SSD, the performance of the original M6e was invincible upon its release. The revised M6e Black Edition took the lead by adding the gaming style heat-sink design, which is not only dominant-looking but also reduces the heat generated by PCIe SSDs running at high speed, prolonging the life of the disk drive. Thus, we can see that M6e Black Edition’s outstanding performance has gained great reputation among gamers. A hard-core gamer as you must never miss out on the M6e Black Edition.

Plextor M6e Black Edition

Above is the list of Plextor's Most Popular Products of the Year 2015. Let's look forward to what surprises and products beyond expectations Plextor will bring us in 2016.

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