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Rocket Internet’s classifieds app Sparklist launches in the Philippines

Sparklist App
Sparklist brings trust and convenience to the peer-to-peer buying and selling process,
improving the landscape of mobile classifieds in the region.

Sparklist, the classifieds mobile app that safely connects buyers and sellers in the same area, announces today its launch in the Philippines, the third largest market for smartphones in Southeast Asia. The company starts its expansion only 2 months after the official launch, with registered users amounting to almost 10 thousand in the country.

Nalla Karunanithy, founder of Sparklist, explains the decision to expand into the Philippines: “Filipinos are connected and social, the country is known for many as the ‘social media capital of the world’. For 2016, the number of smartphone users in the Philippines is estimated to reach 29.9 million (Statista 2014), almost a quarter of the whole country’s population. At the same time, internet penetration is increasing fast, with the majority of new users coming online via mobile”.

The app creates a secure, simple and easy environment to buy and sell without compromising privacy. Sellers list their products by snapping a photo with their smartphone and directly posting it, with price and description. Buyers can browse through different categories and find a wide variety of goods in their surroundings.

“With a mobile approach and the exclusive in-app chat feature they can negotiate prices without the need of making their contact details public, as it normally happens in Social Media groups or normal classifieds. We provide the users with the ability to bargain and build trust while making the purchase decision”, explains Nalla.

Founded by Nalla Karunanithy, Sparklist has launched its operations in November 2015 and is expanding quickly through Asia. The app is currently available for Android, with the iOS version soon to be added to the mix.

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