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The Yamaha Sniper 150 MX i back to back weekend launch

Yamaha Sniper 150 MX i

Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. launched the Sniper 150 MX i during the MCP Grand Motofest and Racing Line’s Moto Xcellence. Regarded as speed quenching machine that exhibits immeasurable acceleration, the SNIPER 150 MX i forged a bond with all those who witnessed its unveiling.

The Sniper 150 MX i stole the spotlight with a highly entertaining launch segment that was also filled with raffle draws and dances numbers. The launch was started by a futuristic dance presentation. Then the Sniper 150 MX i was revealed when a curtained off platform revealed the motorcycle and was ridden by Yamaha Grand Prix riders along with the special guests of the night, Coleen Garcia was there for the MCP Grand Motofest and Arci Munoz was part of the launch in Racing Line’s Moto Xcellence. Along with dazzling entertainment and plenty of raffle prizes, the star of the show remained shining and revving through the night.

This introduction of the Sniper 150 MX i is a step towards creating a riders kingdom that is united by speed and excellent performance. Yamaha has now given the power to the rider by ruling with the street monarch.

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