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Feel the Sweetness of Valentine’s Day with Gifts and Other Goodies in Emperor’s Dice

Emperor’s Dice Valentine’s Day Event

The joyous celebrations are not yet over in Emperor’s Dice. After the Chinese New Year giveaways, players will get boosts, gifts and other sweet treats during the in-game Valentine’s Day events.

Event 1: Strength and Intelligence Boost
The Strength and Intelligence points of all female generals will increase by 10 points.

Event 2: Warlords Valentine’s Day Gift
Login at 10:00 PM (SGT) to claim the sweetest premium items.

These events will commence on February 12 and will end on February 16, 2016. Valentine’s Day in Emperor’s Dice is even sweeter because the typical dumplings will be changed to chocolate dumplings during this period.

For further updates on these happenings, visit the official Emperor’s Dice Facebook page in your local language.

Emperor’s Dice is a mobile board game available in the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. It has local language support made possible by Korean mobile game publisher, OnPlay. The game has already topped Google Play charts in its SEA service areas.

Emperor’s Dice lets users play as a warlord.  Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan are choices at the beginning. Players can summon other warlords as they progress their game. Since the game is set in the Three Kingdoms, players will see the generals who fought bravely during this period in Chinese history. They will also be able to recruit these generals which are needed for conquering and defending lands.

The board consists of lands to vanquish and squares that make either fortunate or unfortunate events happen. Each player starts with a certain number of soldiers. He/she loses when the soldier count reaches zero. The player needs to level up, use in-game items and perform upgrades on lords and generals to become stronger.

Emperor’s Dice has single player and multiplayer modes. The former is where you unify the lands while the latter is a PvP battle with other users.

Emperor’s Dice is a free-to-play game with gold bars as its premium currency. Getting this allows users to gain more advantages in the game.

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