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Salarium Takes Startup Perks to the Next Level by Sending Employees to See the World

Salarium Office

Working in a startup is not for the faint of heart. It is only for the ambitious and bold. The pressure is high, the expectations are immensely great, deadlines are short and drastic changes come more often than bathroom breaks. Despite this, most millennials would prefer a role in a cool tech startup rather than becoming another employee number in a stodgy corporate company. Why is that so? Startups provide exciting work environments - a fridge full of beer, a fancy espresso machine, fast computers with large monitors, free lunch, movie nights out and more. Salarium, one of the Philippines’ up and coming SaaS & Fintech Startups, takes the perks game to the next level by sending employees on an adventure to see the world.

When Salarium employees celebrate their anniversary, and every year thereafter, they are given a 5-day mandatory vacation to any place in Southeast Asia that they wish to visit. The company pays for everything hotel, flight, including the employee’s plus one. Few companies offer such a reward to staff but Salarium did not hesitate to give this amazing perk to their employees.

“We thought very hard about an incentive that would be impactful to employees. We wanted to provide something that employees would look forward to while leaving a positive impact in their lives. Also, we wanted to give an experience as an incentive so it cannot be simply given to someone else. There is a tendency in Filipino culture to share what you have with the family so a cash incentive would simply be split up amongst family members instead of being fully enjoyed by the person who earned it,” says Judah Hirsch, CEO & Founder of Salarium.

Also, this type of incentive is perfect for those who hustle day in and day out in this very challenging environment. It gives a good moment to pause, take a deep breath and reflect more about life.

“I am a workaholic and I never take a vacation unless it is a business-related trip. I know my colleagues are the same way. Vacation is important for any human being as it is a good time to gather one’s thoughts. Research has proven that the most brilliant ideas pop out while enjoying a scenic sunset and sipping on a pina colada,” adds Judah.

Salarium, taking a page from the books of successful Palo Alto Startups, spends resources dishing out awesome incentives, because it recognizes the fact that the success of any startup depends highly on motivated and engaged employees.

Salarium is always hiring intelligent team players.

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