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Witnessing the evolution of Yamaha - The Rev Hall 10th IR Bikefest

Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. had just participated in the 10th IR Bikefest by unveiling the REV HALL, A Gala of Ingenuity by Yamaha. The exhibit was much more than just a display of the brand’s marvelous machinery; it was an expression of motorcycle evolution that was patterned after the needs of riders from every generation. This symbol of growth is Yamaha’s dedication to giving their customers the best form of motion possible.

On the first day of the bike fest the exhibit area was closed off to the public until noon for its grand opening. As dozens gathered around the area, the curtains dropped and an explosion of confetti greeted everyone in attendance. Everyone made a dash inside the Rev Hall where World Class products that were made for them, by them, were waiting. Pound for Pound Host Rico Robles and the alluring Karen Bordador took everyone on a stroll around the different Yamaha categories. On display were:

  • Mio Lineup : MIO i 125, MIO SOUL i 125, MIO MXi  
  • The R-Series : YZF-R15, YZF-R3, and the YZF-R1
  • LMW (Leaning Multi Wheel): Tricity

In addition, guests got to see products that were on display in the country for the first time such as the MT-07, a versatile bike with powerful torque. The YXZ1000r, a pure sport side-by-side 4-wheeler that conquers different terrains. Also, a glimpse into the future of performance with the 03-Gen; a fusion of the Leaning Multi Wheel technology and Yamaha’s Racing prowess.

On day 2, Yamaha introduced the winners of the Yamaha National Technician Grand Prix. Participants are all mechanics in Yamaha 3s Shops. Arpee Obina of 3s Superbikes Rosario finished third, Conrado Bucar of 3s DES Marketing Mandaue finished second, and Ramel Realin of 3s UEMI Urdaneta was the Champion and will represent the Philippines in the World Technician Grand Prix. Team Mio Soul i had the most attendees in the event with over 200 riders present, because of this unprecedented arrival they were given a special gift of a signed shirt by Yamaha MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi.

Even as the weekend was slowly winding down, the Rev Hall was still a sight to hold with performances from Yuuki Shimada, Mike Chan and the Anthem, using Yamaha Musical instruments; a collaboration that is a first for Yamaha Motor and Music.

It was 2 days of passion and perfection that cannot be duplicated. This was more than just a moment, more than just a milestone, this was Revving Hearts at its finest.

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