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Flash Plus 2: Truly More than Metal

Flash Plus 2
Flash breaks the boundaries between functionality and sophistication with new the Flash Plus 2

We loved the record-breaking Flash Plus smartphone when it was first introduced in the Philippines mid-2015. Now that its sequel is set to hit Lazada’s e-commerce site starting this May 31, 2016, you can finally satisfy your cravings for an elegant device that’s only priced at P6,990.

“Most people are looking for a sophisticated phone that doesn’t break the bank,” said Lei Zhang, Flash Philippines Country Manager. “With our new flagship phone in place, they will be able to get their hands on a smartphone that’s not only sleek and stylish, but also functional.”

The new smartphone is eyed to offer pioneering innovative functions such as fingerprint recognition technology, Hi-Fi sound effects and fast battery charging—and it’s all boxed in sleek, metal case that transcends beauty and style.

"Flash is one of the most successful smartphone brands that always introduces something new to delight customers. We are privileged to be the exclusive distributor of Flash Plus 2 to our online shoppers,” Inanc Balci, CEO of Lazada Philippines said. “Together, we can bring exciting products closer to Filipinos.”

The Flash Plus 2 adopts a metal framework for better feel of texture, but the phone underwent a series of complex processes to achieve what it is today. It came through horizontal wire-drawing, high-speed side sand-blasting, ultralight rim diamond cutting and twice anodization—with this, you may now have a sense of warmth and vigor for the cold, hard metal work in every touch.

New fingerprint feature
Zhang said that while the new Flash Plus 2 is equipped with the best photography features, it also adopted a fingerprint technology which sets it apart from its previous version. This allows users to have the “perfect assistant of life and office efficiency in just a flick.”

“From accurate fast unlocking to one-stroke app launch, the frontal fingerprint recognition function gives users the ultimate satisfaction of owning something that transcends functionality. It’s secure and aesthetically appealing, at the same time,” Zhang said.

The fingerprint recognition of the new flagship phone offers a 0.5s unlocking mode under “switch off” screen status and all-round accurate recognition. It also allows for personalized app launch options that correspond to the users’ fingerprints. For added security, Flash Plus 2 has a documents protection cabinet where privacy information is stored and encrypted with fingerprint.

Immersive music experience
If you are more into music streaming than photography, then you’d be glad to know that Flash Plus 2 also upgrades its entertainment functions by offering an immersive sound experience.

The new phone has high-fidelity, quality-retaining earphone acoustics, high sound volume effects, and MIX music production to satisfy your entertainment needs. It has an independent AKM4375 audio decoding chip coupled with state-of-the-art IRD sound digital filter, with value-retaining signal output measuring up to high-fidelity acoustic effects.

While the speaker is being used for playing music, the NXP980 power amplification chip and built-in DSP algorithm drives speaker power to reach 3.6 watts—and it is eight times greater than the volume of average smartphones.

Same photographing DNA
Following the same photographing DNA that runs across the whole Flash product roster, the new Flash Plus 2 upgrades your shooting skills to the next level with its light of fast focal adjustment and dark light shooting capabilities.

What’s more, the phone’s camera adopts the integration of PDAF and contrast focusing with merely 0.1s of focal alignment. This will allow you to take better snapshots of fleeting moments—from taking a picture of a skateboarder down to snapshotting a flapping swallow.

But the new Flash Plus phone’s rear lens is not the only upgraded technology; you’d be glad to know that Flash also innovated its front lens, adopting LED flash lamp with CRI up to 80 while the red spectrum is intelligently enhanced for selfie or video chatting conditions. With ruddy facial effect, the Flash Plus 2 offers over a hundred percent real-time facial enhancement function to capture beautiful moments.

With these excellent camera features, the new Flash Plus 2 allows “Picture-in-Picture” capability. This happens when the front and rear lenses work simultaneously, giving you a creative photo-in-photo experience.

“To complement the photographing and music streaming needs of our users, we are proud to say that our new phone has fast-charging capabilities. Users can already enjoy 50 percent of battery after merely 30 minutes of charging time; charging this for two hours lets you call someone for 10 hours,” Zhang said.

Finally, Flash is giving you a free hand in choosing between Luna Silver and Venus Gold.

Zhang concluded, “Product innovation has always been at our core. With the young users in mind, we are proud to introduce another product that breaks the boundaries between functionality and aesthetics. Truly, Filipinos can have the best of both worlds with our new Flash Plus 2.”

For more details, please visit the website at http://www.flash3c.com/ph.

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