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Mobile Shooting RPG ‘Rogue Life’ Planned for a Release in the Philippines

Rogue Life

Crossover of Shooting x RPG! Rogue Life, a unique mobile game which will overthrow top casual shooting games, will arrive in the Philippines for soft launch!

Rogue Life is a game by South Korean developer Hidea. Its popularity has already soared in its home country so OnPlay is expanding its game services by bringing the app to Southeast Asia, starting with the Philippines. Experience a very unique game with a lot of twists.

Players who are into shooter games, RPGs or both will surely enjoy what Rogue Life has to offer. With adorable characters to train, you can transform brave wanderers into elite rogues. Customize each member of your squad by selecting from the various cute outfits and costumes you’ve obtained. Play until you gain a high level to expand your roster of brave wanderers.

Rogue life is an action-packed, casual game with a twist—activities simulated from real life done in the player’s squad home! Get your characters to work hard and earn their keep by chopping wood, rummaging the chest, digging for ores and more until their legs drop.

Players should not be deceived by its cute graphics because the stages become more challenging as they progress. Users will experience bullet hell, especially with the toughest bosses at the end of each level.

Rogue Life: The Story
After the fall of the Demon King, never again was the world shaken by threat of monsters. The era of peace came. And it continued for so long that people have forgotten what dangers are like.

Monsters suddenly appear one day which threw the world into turmoil. So the brave, young warriors have gathered to restore the tranquility that was lost. They are now on a quest to eradicate all monsters that threaten the world’s peace.

Lead a squad of brave wanderers and defeat all monsters to restore peace in this upcoming shooting x role-playing game!

Rogue Life is a free to play with in-app purchases to get more in-game advantages. It will initially be available on Google Play and will be followed by the App Store release.

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