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‘Rogue Life: Squad Goals’ Launches Today

Rogue Life: Squad Goals
Android and iOS users can start their bullet hell adventures in Rogue Life: Squad Goals, the unique crossover of shooting x RPG.

Rogue Life, the game which will take Southeast Asia by storm, goes live on Google Play today, May 20, 2016, in the Philippines. It will arrive in the App Store after a few days.

Experience bullet hell at its finest as you dodge a barrage of bullets, projectiles and missiles while firing at monsters and tough bosses until the end of the level. Can your squad of brave wanderers make it to the end?

Rogue Life: Squad Goals is not all about shooting and defeating monsters. Turn your squad into elite rogues by mining, fishing, studying, baking and more real life activities!

The game has already captured the hearts of Philippine players with a preregistration count of over 9000 and Facebook Fans of over 7000 to date. Users who preregistered will get in-game rewards.

Rogue Life: Squad Goals has cute, high-end graphics, thrilling gameplay and various features which will surely charm both hardcore and casual gamers. The need to clear the stages perfectly, the chance to have the strongest build for the characters, and the PvP battles will certainly attract hardcore gamers. The tons of costume sets will appeal to casual players who love dressing up characters.

Features of the game:

  • Adorable squad members to train
  • Raise your level to recruit all wanderers
  • Customize your squad in various adorable outfits with unique set options
  • Intuitive and action-packed gameplay
  • Simulation – real life chores and activities
  • Get rewards by doing activities in your squad home

Rogue Life: Squad Goals is a free to play game published by OnPlay and developed by Hidea in South Korea. It comes with in-app purchases. The game will further expand its services to other Southeast Asian countries at a later time. Stay tuned to The Official Rogue Life: Squad Goals Facebook page for more updates.

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